All Major Google Search Algorithm Updates From 2014 [Infographic]

Google's Major Algorithm Changes 2014

Death, taxes, and Google search algorithm updates. It would seem that those 3 are life’s only sure things. Each and every year Google tweak, updates, and changes their search algorithm up to 500 times. So what changed in SEO in 2014 and how do you adjust your 2015 SEO strategy to maintain or increase your website’s search rankings?

The Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates 2014

Google’s search algorithm changes are often both minor and major. Since they make several updates every year, not all the algorithm changes are important to most websites. Many SEO consultants may miss the minor changes, but no one will miss Google’s major algorithm changes.

Reason being, when Google makes an update to search, it can have a significant impact on many website’s search rankings. Remember Google’s Panda 4.1 algorithm update recently? If your site is populated with thin, low quality content, it was likely penalized.

On the other end of Google’s algorithm zoo is the Penguin Algorithm. While Panda desalt with and penalized websites with low quality content on site, Penguin targets websites with overly aggressive anchor text (internal or external, that come from low quality sources, as well as sites with overt keyword stuffing strategies.

Recapping Google’s 2014 Algorithm Changes

You know what would be a super awesome way to recap the most important algorithm changes that Google made in 2014? I say an Infographic, and that’s exactly what created for our pleasure, entertainment, and education.

Below is a summary of the most significant search algorithm updates rolled out by Google in the 12 months of 2014. Even more helpful is that they’ve listed the updates in chronological order.

Use this tool as a resource of your company website saw a decrease in search rankings sometime last year. Or if you were wondering about whether or not your site was hit by one of the algorithm updates, the summary below may help you sort out your situation with decreased rankings and get you back on track with your business website optimization.

Has your website been hit with a penalty form any of these Google Algorithm updates in 2014?

Google search algorithm changes of 2014
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