Happy Holidays, From All of Us at VPDM Digital!

VPDM Digital Marketing Company Toronto - Happy Holidays 2016

Holiday Greetings From Our Team

VPDM Digital Marketing is a premier internet marketing and SEO agency, representing clients in Toronto, GTA, Hamilton, ST. Catharines, and Niagara, where we all strive to provide digital marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Our strategy combines data-driven inbound content marketing, engaging social media marketing, and research- driven search engine optimization (SEO) to give clients a powerful and lucrative online presence.

As we close out 2015, we’d like to thank our super awesome clients who have trusted us with growing their business using proven digital tactics this year.

We’re excited about developing each client’s SEO and social marketing strategy and to continue to grow their business in 2016.

We also pumped to see what the new year will bring for your business, as well as our own! We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and cheerful holiday season!


VPDM Digital Marketing Company Toronto.VPDM Digital Marketing looks forward to the holidays, as it is a time for us to analyze and reflect on our accomplishments, set new goals and get ready for a new year! ( Oh, and we enjoy some R&R with our friends and family too!)

This year, we thought it would be a good idea for you to get to know some of our team a little better! Here is what VPDM thought about 2015 featuring a little holiday cheer.

Vee Popat. VPDM Digital Marketing & SEO Toronto St.Catharines
Vee Popat: Founder

Favourite Christmas Song: Christmas in Hollis – Run DMC
Favorite Christmas Movie: Santa Claus is Comin’ to   Town
Your ‘Star’ Piece of Content For 2015: Mobile Marketing Strategy Trends 
What You’re Looking Forward to at VPDM in 2016: Further developing myself and our team, into forward thinking, highly creative digital marketers, while delivering significant ROI and customer service to our client partners.  


Tara Hahl. VPDM Digital Marketing & SEO Toronto St.Catharines Tara Hahl: Project Manager 

Favourite Christmas Song: The entire Michael Bublé Christmas album counts as a song, right? 
Favorite Christmas Movie: Elf
Your ‘Star’ Piece of Content For 2015: The Importance of Re-branding Your Company
What You’re Looking Forward to at VPDM in 2016: Taking on a new role as digital marketing project manager, I am excited to guide team members and assist in the process of developing strategies for our clients. I am also looking forward to further expanding my creative mind and technical skills as I progress with the company.


Tim Amerlinck. VPDM Digital Marketing & SEO Company Toronto St.CatharinesTim Amerlinck: Graphic Designer

Favourite Christmas Song: Last Christmas- Jimmy Eat World
Favorite Christmas Movie: Elf
Your ‘Star’ Piece of Content For 2015: Creating Engaging Images For Social Media 
What You’re Looking Forward to at VPDM in 2016: Learning more about social media from a marketing perspective and continuing to develop graphic design projects for our clients.


Jennifer Noun. VPDM Digital Marketing & SEO Agency Toronto St.CatharinesJennifer Noun: Digital Content Coordinator

Favourite Christmas Song: Love is Everything – Ariana Grande
Favourite Christmas Movie: How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Your ‘Star’ Piece of Content for 2015: Enhance Your Marketing by Using GIFS on Twitter
What You’re Looking Forward to at VPDM in 2016: I am looking forward to challenging my videography, photography and graphic skills- as well as understanding social media marketing from a business perspective, rather than a user standpoint.


Seth Nielson VPDM Digital MarketingSeth Nielsen: Graphic Design Co op Student

Favourite Christmas Song: Jingle Bell Rock
Favourite Christmas Movie: It’s a wonderful life
Your ‘Star’ Piece of Content For 2015: VPDM Social Share Images on Instagram
What You’re Looking Forward to at VPDM in 2016: I am looking forward to learning more ways to improve upon my photoshop skills and develop a better understanding of digital marketing.

With our agency being built on a content + search + social foundation we see ourselves on the cutting edge of the industry. As we move towards a digital age (I’d argue we’re already there), the importance of branding your business digitally intensifies.

At VPDM we are always ready to help accomplish this goal by executing our unique strategy with you. If you’re ready to take your business to the digital realm of marketing, contact us anytime.

Happy Holidays!


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