How to Become Better at Copywriting Using Simple But Effective Techniques

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How To Be a Better Copywriter

Are you tired of your ads being ignored?

Are you lost in how to structure your content in a concise and compelling way?

Do you want to become a better copywriter?

Written copy has the power to make or break your business. Copywriting is a skill that every marketer or business professional must have in their toolbox of knowledge in order for success.

Copywriting is more than just writing, it’s the language of persuasion.

It’s being able to motivate the audience through words with the intent of driving an action. In order to learn how to apply this skill-set to the copy you’re writing, it’s best to break it down into a simpler equation.

Here are three easy strategies you can use to structure your content in an organized way:

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One Big Idea

This concept is derived from Mark Ford’s (American Writers and Artists Inc.) theory of ONE. Ford noticed a trend among all the best copywriting being produced.

It’s a simple statement that comes from the fact that potential prospects are looking for one, singular idea to make them more successful. Ford breaks up his theory into three parts:

One Idea

One Emotional Response

One Benefit

The goal of this copywriting structure is getting the prospect excited about what you have to offer. You don’t want to overload the audience with a bunch of information about why your product is great, but instead why it’s great for them.

This strategy dwells on the importance of knowing your audience. The more research you do, the better.

You want to write in a language that your potential prospect is familiar with. Establishing this level of connection creates a mutual trust between you and the consumer.

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The 4 P’s of Persuasion

This next strategy is a marketing concept known as the four P’s of persuasion.


The first promise you want to make in your writing is establishing a general interest. This is usually shown in the headline of your copywriting and carried on into the opening paragraphs.

Just as a journalist uses a lede to state the who, what, where, when and why’s of the situation, you want to highlight right away the promise you are making to the prospect.

This is a crucial and perhaps the most detrimental part of your copy because after this statement is when the reader makes a decision if they want to stay.

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This step is where you want to pay attention to your language. Just as the title suggests, you want to paint a vivid picture for the prospect. How will what you’re selling fit into, or positively change the life of the prospect?  This is where you dive into the specifics about how this can happen.

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This step is where you use facts to support your claims. Statistics, graphs, charts, testimonials, etc are included. This establishes trust and credibility between you and the prospect.

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This is the call to action. You can sum up your points mentioned in the steps above and direct towards a purchase.

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AIDA Guiding Principles

Much like the 4 P’s, this model of organizational writing contains 4 guiding principles.


You want to hook the prospect from the start, getting them intrigued and curious about your product. This theory highlights the process of disruption, using a jarring method to catch the reader’s eye.


Now that you’ve turned a few heads it’s time to fully peak the prospects level of interest. It’s important to keep it light and easy in this stage and play on your brand personality.


You’ve kept the level of interest up, now you’re asking for a commitment from the prospect. This is the level that you should sell them on the product, leaving them with a want/decision to buy.


This step is where you close the sale. Whether it be to click on your video link or schedule a free consultation, this stage is applicable in leaving the prospect on a positive note.

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The Wrap

Copywriting, if organized in a structured and compelling way can drive your business to success.

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