Pinning is Winning: How to Market on Pinterest

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How to Market on Pinterest And Reach More Customers

Pinterest is a world of ideas, from DIY projects to new fashion looks. That’s why learning how to market on Pinterest is essential for your business.

Some digital marketers tend to stay away from marketing on Pinterest because they think it’s only used by stay at home moms who enjoy cooking and crafts. If this is your view, you couldn’t be more wrong!

From inspiring your future customers to selling your products, you can do a lot of things on Pinterest that you might have never considered before.

And now, Pinterest has a new product pin feature coming that will be absolutely essential to your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Let us show you how important it is not to overlook Pinterest as a vital platform for your business, and explain how this new feature will change your outlook.

How to Use a Pinterest Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Sell Your Products On Pinterest With Product Pins

The new Pinterest product pins are pins that will allow users to jump from one item to another in the same pin. So if they’re looking at a specific product, the other items in the image will be interactive and clickable.

That means that you can shop everything in an image. If users like something from one brand, they can quickly jump to see more products.

So, let’s say you’re looking at a picture of a couch pinned from a furniture store, and it’s in an image between an end table and a floor lamp. Pinterest will give you purchase information for that couch, but it will also scan the table and the lamp so you can find out where those came from, too.

Woman shopping on her mobile phone on Pinterest. Shopping on Pinterest.

Why do I Need a Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

These product pins are an essential way for you to market your business on Pinterest.

There are over 100 million monthly active Pinterest users, so a large market is waiting to see your content. People use Pinterest to get inspired, find new ideas, shop new products, and sometimes just to kill time.

Pinterest lets you form emotional connections to your audience.

You want your business, or your products, to be there when people look for new ideas and inspiration. It’s at this time that people can become valuable customers, because they are actively seeking out your content.

Pinterest is especially worth it if your audience is comprised of women, because 80% of Pinterest users are female. However, that doesn’t mean that men won’t see your posts, either.

Here’s another reason you should use Pinterest: your content lives for a really long time. Pinterest pins last 100 times longer than Tweets do, and at least twice as long as a Facebook post.

Pinning a Winning Strategy: How to Use Pinterest For Marketing

What Other Marketing Tools Does Pinterest Have?

If you open a Pinterest for Business account, you’ll get access to even more types of pins and content that you can use to market your business.

One of the most helpful types of tools that Pinterest for Business offers are educational materials that can help you boost your Pinterest marketing strategy. There are tons of different tools to help you learn more about marketing, like webinars and blogs.

Marketing on Pinterest With Rich Pins

Rich pins are pins that are enhanced for specific types of content. They provide extra information for users depending on what they’re looking at.

There are 6 types of rich pins:

  1. Article: these pins show author, headline, and story description.
  2. App: app pins have a download button users can click right on the pin to get the app.
  3. Product: these pins have purchase and brand information for item pins.
  4. Recipe: they include ingredients, cooking times, and instructions.
  5. Movie: these pins show ratings, director, and actor information.
  6. Place: place pins allow you to include a map or directions to your business.

Advertise on Pinterest With Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins are another way you can advertise. They let you promote your pins to targeted audiences, just like you’d boost a post on Facebook.

This helps your business show up to qualified users who are looking to buy specific products, and you can reach them when they’re close to making a decision.

Pinterest also lets you view Pinterest analytics right in the platform to see how your pins are doing. This is extremely useful for tracking where your budget is going and how you should tweak your content.

How to Market on Pinterest to Your Target Audience

Every business is different. But you can use Pinterest in many ways, if not just to bring attention to your brand name and engage with users.

There are certain topics that are more popular on Pinterest than others. Here are the top 10 most popular categories on Pinterest:

  1. Home
  2. Arts and Crafts
  3. Style/Fashion
  4. Food
  5. Inspiration/Education
  6. Holidays/Seasonal
  7. Humour
  8. Products
  9. Travel
  10. Kids

If your business can use these particular topics for content, you can reach most of the users on Pinterest.

Make sure you’re posting a variety of different posts, from images to articles. Infographics are super popular on Pinterest, so make sure you try those out, too.

Create boards about topics that are relevant to your business. You are the expert, and your business is the authority on the subject, so stick to what you know.

If you’re a home improvement business, make boards about DIY projects. Don’t just start pinning recipes just because that’s a popular category.

Stick to what relates to you so you can help your audience find new ideas.

How to Market on Pinterest And Increase Your Sales

The Wrap

Pinterest product pins can help to take your Pinterest marketing strategy to an entirely new level. You can maximise your presence with every single pin and make sure that you showcase as much of your business as possible at once.

Reach more audiences, inspire users, and turn your products into ideas. That’s what Pinterest is for, and that’s why you should be using it for your business.

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