Facebook Stories 101: How This New Feature Can Help Your Business

How to share a story on Facebook.

How To Share a Story On Facebook

Remember how Instagram incorporated the stories feature from Snapchat? Now, the stories feature is being used on yet another platform! Ever ask yourself how to share a story on Facebook?

That’s right. Facebook is introducing stories, too.

But what are Facebook Stories and can i make a Facebook Story video?

If your target audience is enjoying Snapchat and Instagram, it’s imperative that you’re going to want to know what this new tool is.

We’re here to give you the rundown on Facebook Stories and what they mean for your digital marketing strategy. Get ready to learn how you can increase Facebook engagement and take your business to a whole new level by sharing stories.

What Are Facebook Stories And How Can They Help my Business?

So What Are Facebook Stories?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or your digital marketing strategy somehow doesn’t include Instagram, you’ve likely seen the stories feature.

Snapchat added stories first. This feature lets users upload short images or videos that have a shelf life of 24 hours. You can continue adding images and videos to your story periodically, and each one will be added on to the last with its own 24 hour deadline.

The stories sit in their own section, under a “recent updates” column. You can watch someone else’s story as many times as you want, but only for that 24 hour period.

Next, Instagram added stories. Users could essentially do the same thing- add images and videos to a temporary story. But on Instagram, the story shows up at the top section of a user’s feed.

Facebook stories are going to be similar to Instagram stories. Users will be able to see the newest stories from their Facebook friends at the top of their news feed.

Facebook Story Videos and How This New Feature Can Help Your Business. Internet Marketing and SEO Company Toronto and Niagara.

Is it Copying or is it Building?

In the digital marketing world, it’s important to build a strategy based off something that works. And when we know that Instagram and Snapchat stories work, it’s imperative that another platform will use it, too.

It’s all about how you take something that someone else has created and put your own spin on it.

Let’s not forget the countless other tools and techniques that have been integrated across channels in the past. Hashtags originated on Twitter, but now they’re arguably more widely used on Instagram.

There’s no doubt that Facebook is going to take the stories feature and add its own twist.

Last year, Facebook bought the app Masquerade (MSQRD). It’s a super popular selfie app with over 15 million downloads that lets users take live pictures and videos using tons of different filters and animation options.

With this app in its toolbox, Facebook will have tons of options to create filters users can use in their stories that will allow it to take the feature in a new direction.

How Facebook Stories Can Attract Customers And Make You Money

How the Stories Feature Can Increase Facebook Engagement

This feature could very well help you increase Facebook engagement.

Just take a look at what it’s done for Instagram:

  • 150 million people use Instagram stories on a daily basis.
  • Roughly 20% of stories result in a direct message from someone who viewed it

That means that just having your brand appear in a fun, quick little piece of content can lead to more direct engagement from your followers.

And what works for Instagram is likely going to work in a bigger way for Facebook.

Let’s do the math. There are 600 million active users on Instagram. So if 150 million of those users are using stories daily, that’s about 25%. Facebook has almost 2 billion active users. Even if 25% of those users use stories, that’s still 500 million people. Almost as much as the entire population of Instagram.

Therefore, what we’re trying to say is that Facebook Stories are likely going to blow Instagram and Snapchat stories out of the water as far as usage goes.

With that larger audience, there are more users for your business to connect to.

How to Use Facebook Stories to Attract More Customers

How You Can Use Stories For Your Own Facebook Post Ideas

Should my business use Facebook stories?

The answer is yes. Even if you don’t really know what you’re doing yet, there’s no harm in trying. And, worst case, your stories only last for 24 hours!

Facebook stories are a great way to increase awareness for your brand without paying for anything extra. They make it “nearly impossible to ignore” you and your business because your icon will be sitting at the top of their news feed.

Stories are also a great way for people to see the personal side of your business. They allow your audience to get a “behind the scenes” look at what your business is doing.

Treat it like an exclusive look they can’t get anywhere else. Offer deals or special offers in your stories. You can also give people a sneak peek at what’s coming in terms of future products or exciting news.

Here are some other great Facebook post ideas you can use for your stories:

  • Takeover– let an employee or team member “take over” the Instagram account for the day to give users a “day in the life” type of experience.
  • Tips or facts– offer your audience a series of daily facts, tips, or short “how-to” segments.
  • Run a Q&A– create quick question and answer snippets answering some common questions your audience might have.

How Facebook Stories Can Increase Engagement Online

The Importance of Facebook Video Marketing

You can use Facebook stories as part of your overall Facebook video marketing strategy.

Today’s audience doesn’t have the attention span to sit through a full video unless it’s extremely catchy. That’s why stories are the perfect way to include video in your digital marketing strategy.

Facebook stories don’t need to be a professionally crafted, perfectly edited Scorsese-style masterpiece. You can make them right from your phone, within minutes, without the need for a videographer.

It’s easy, convenient, and a great way to include more engaging content people will pay attention to!

Increase Engagement And Attract Customers With Facebook Stories

The Bottom Line

When Facebook stories rolls out this year, be ready to put your business out there. Taking risks and keeping up with trends is a major part of what we digital marketers do.

Incorporating stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are an essential way to give your audience a peek at something they would otherwise not be able to see. Even if it’s just a story of your typical day, like your morning coffee or your team brainstorm meeting, people enjoy seeing the human element of a business.

Our experienced digital marketers and innovative content creators at VPDM Digital Marketing have used Instagram and Snapchat stories for our clients. When Facebook Stories roll out, you can bet we’ll be all over that, too.

Just check out our Snapchat marketing case study from 2016, where we helped one of our clients gain engagement and followers using Snapchat stories!

If you need help getting a grasp on stories and short, attention-grabbing content, our team is ready to chat.

Contact us now to get started on creating a successful social media strategy for your business.

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