Enhance Your Marketing on Twitter By Using GIFS

How to Tweet GIFS on Twitter. VPDM Digital Marketing. GTA

How to Tweet Gifs on Twitter

Over a year ago, Twitter announced that they will be allowing users to post GIFS – however, not very many users are jumping on the bandwagon. Although GIFS are popular on other social media platforms, it doesn’t seem to be growing on to Twitter and that may be because no one is actually sure of how to post them.

Today we’re going to help Twitter out and share the easiest way to attach GIFS to your Tweets!

Finding the Perfect GIF

Let’s start with the basics; GIFs are all over the internet and can be found in multiple ways. There are numerous websites which provides GIFS such as, Giphy and other websites that allow you to create your own GIFS, such as, Make A GIF. To simplify the process even more you can also use Google to search up GIFS simply by attaching the word GIF at the end. Example: Cute Cat GIF, etc.

Finding a GIF to Tweet on Twitter. VPDM Digital Marketing. Toronto

The Ideal Way to Tweet a GIF

Once you find the perfect GIF to Tweet about, you have the option to either save the link and paste it onto your Tweet or save the actual GIF to your computer.

The prefered method is to save the GIF onto your computer rather than inserting the link because it allows other users to view the GIF automatically. Saving the GIF to your computer and uploading it by hitting the Tweet Button and then, “Add Photo” is the ideal way to post a GIF on to Twitter.

Ideal Way Of Tweeting a GIF on Twitter. VPDM Digital Marketing. Hamilton

The Wrap

If you are planning to use GIFS to enhance your marketing on Twitter, it is a good idea to treat them as another marketing tactic: create goals, test its performance, and fit them in to other Twitter content.

Start by choosing GIFS which represent those goals and promote a call to action. This will increase the growth of your Twitter account through followers and retweets. The visually distracting animated image will add a sense of humour and spunk to your daily Tweets!

Tweeting GIFS on Twitter VPDM Digital Marketing. Toronto

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