80 Percent of Retailers Don’t Know How To Use Google Analytics To Increase Traffic

how to use google analytics to increase traffic


What do you do after you view the latest Google Analytics report from your SEO company? I’m sure you’d like some advice on actionable steps to use the data from GA to improve your entire digital marketing strategy and website traffic. Today, VPDM Digital Marketing shows you how to use the data you get from Google Analytics to improve your conversion rate and a few other main metrics.

How To Use Google Analytics To Increase Traffic

So what is your website optimization strategy. Do you have a well thought out, well researched short and long tail keyword strategy? What about using Google Analytics to tweak, ignite, and overall improve your digital marketing?

These are questions every website and business owner should be asking their SEO company or consultant. She should also be asking herself the same questions.

QuickSprout reports that 80% of retailers are not using Google Analytics properly.

How many of you have looked at Google Analytics reports for your business or for your clients? I’m assuming that most of you are saying of course you have! But simply creating, downloading, and looking at your GA reported isn’t enough.

Your SEO company or website development team should be looking closely at the useful data that Google Analytics provides. Don’t stop there either. Use GA in conduction with Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), and you’re on your way to some serious data and analytics about your website.


How To Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Website Marketing

The smart people at QuickSprout, Neil Patel in particular, have created a very useful piece of content to help us all improve our marketing using the data provided by Google Analytics. You can see it below, but let’s go through a few key points first, to get you warmed up.


how to use google analytics to improve website marketing
Use Google Analytics and Improve Your Website Marketing Strategy

Increase Web Traffic with Google Analytics

GA is a super useful, and free, tool that can help you or your SEO agency increase your website’s organic traffic. I use the tool everyday when working our client’s SEO strategy. The idea is to use SEO queries and landing page reports.

  • STEP 1: Connect your GA with GWT.
  • STEP 2: Use the SEO report inside GA to see keyword rankings, clicks, and impressions.
  • STEP 3: Look for the keywords with the most impressions.
  • STEP 4: Look for SEO opportunities with keywords that have lower impressions. If Google has already indexed a couple of your pages, for keywords that you weren’t trying to rank for, you’ve just uncovered a prime SEO and content marketing opportunity.
  • STEP 5: Improve the click through rate (CTR) of those keywords by improving the targeting of page titles and meta descriptions.


Pro Tips for Improving CTR include:

– Keep your title tags to around 55 characters.

– Keep meta descriptions to 155 characters.

– Use secondary keywords as well as related long tail versions of your primary and secondary keywords.

– Make sure that the information you provide matches the intention of the keywords and phrases you’re getting the most traffic from. Do this by including useful info and the benefits the user can expect when visiting that page.


How To Increase Organic Traffic Using GA

Google analytics has a great feature under “traffic sources” called the “keywords report”. When used strategically and intelligently, this is a super way to increase your site’s organic traffic.

First thing you wan to do is find the top 10 keywords that are currently driving the most traffic to your website. Once you have this data, you now have 5 SEO opportunities that will get you more organic traffic.


  • SEO Opportunity 1: Use these keywords for alt attributes (alt tags) for images.
  • SEO Opportunity 2: Use them for image title attributes (title tags) as well.
  • SEO Opportunity 3: Be sure to use these keywords in your page title and meta descriptions.
  • SEO Opportunity 4: Be careful using your keywords as anchor text. A skilled SEO consultant chill use keywords for anchor text on internal links. Just be sure they are rotating the keywords used in order to avoid a Goggle penalty.
  • SEO Opportunity 5: Get your content marketing team (or just use us, VPDM Digital Marketing) to create more quality, optimized content based on the keywords that are driving traffic to your site. Any traffic. Low or high volume.


How To Use Google Analytics to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Let’s get to the infographic to visually describe what’s been discussed above. You’ll also find tips and insights on how you can use GA to increase your website conversion rate and how to spend more time on driving more traffic from your top sources.

If you have any questions about what you’ve read so far, please feel free to connect with us on Twitter or email us to discuss your website analytics strategy.


How to Improve Your Marketing With Google Analytics Data
Infographic Courtesy of: Quick Sprout


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