An Instagram Advertising Campaign on Steroids!

Instagram advertising campaign with new ad formats

Your Instagram Advertising Campaign Just Changed

Do you have an Instagram advertising camping currently running? Well, Instagram Ads just got a helluva lot more real this week and no one should be surprised.

Sure Instagram has been playing with Ads since they launched that product in October 2013, but many of us have just been waiting for Instagram advertising opportunities to be available for everyone and every size business. For some history on Instagram advertising news, check out this article from December 2012, and this one from March 2015.

Back to this week, Instagram, and its parent company, Facebook are pretty much set to be rolling in even more cash than ever before. In a post on the Instagram For Business blog, the company points to an impressive and encouraging stat for social media marketing with Instagram Ads – i.e. “Sponsored Posts” as they are called on the platform.

“Across more than 475 campaigns measured globally with Nielsen Brand Effect, ad recall from sponsored posts on Instagram was 2.9x higher than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising.”

I’m a huge believer in native ads and social media advertising in general. This number doesn’t surprise me. The targeting that Instagram Ads offers small, medium, and large businesses is super amazing.

Like its partner Facebook, your business can target relevant consumers, who are interested in your product and services. Not only are they interested in whist you have to offer, it’s likely their friends, who they share news and info with on Facebook, are also interested in your products and services.

With social media advertising, Instagram Ads offers your business a “shotgun targeting on steroids” approach to spreading your brand message. As opposed to buying advertising on a medium where you can’t guarantee a certain number of qualified people, interested in your product or service, will even see your ad, let alone interact and engage with your ad or click the call-to-action you want them to take.

Get Shotgun Targeting on Steroids With Instagram Ads

One of the keys to Instagram advertising are the call-to-action buttons that come with the sponsored posts. Savvy social media marketers will notice how sillier they are to Facebook’s call to action buttons.

Another key factor of Instagram Ads is the ability to get more relevance out of your ad by using the enhanced targeting options to ensure the right Instagram users are seeing your ad.

Instagram says: “People come to Instagram to follow their passions, from travel and fashion to cars and entertainment. They want to see ads that reflect the things they care about. Advertisers also want to target their messages in more effective ways and reach people not just because of their age, location and gender, but because of the people, places and things they love.”

Instagram Ads With Call To Action Buttons New Ad Formats
Instagram Ads With New Call-To-Action Buttons
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As you can see from the image above, these new “action-oriented” formats, have call to action buttons below the image. These buttons give users the option to buy a product, install an app or sign up for a service.

Important Notes With Instagram Advertising

1. Instagram Ads have been around for a year and a half. It’s no secret that Instagram has an incredible amount of engagement everyday from its 300 Million monthly active users. No doubt this platform provides an incredible opportunity for advertisers of any size.

2. Instagram means what it says. They explicitly said they want to give all businesses the opportunity to reach the right people, we are working to make Instagram advertising available through an Instagram Ads API and Facebook ad buying interfaces over the coming months…We will start by opening the Instagram Ads API to a select group of Facebook Marketing Partners and agencies, and we plan to expand globally throughout the year.”

3. This is important for any digital marketer or SEO: These new call to action buttons on Instagram Ads do not click out to your company website or landing page. This is something else that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Instagram has always been about simplicity and about what photos people take. So what happens when you click on a call to action in an Instagram Ad?

4. Instagram has it’s own browser, built right into the app you use everyday. So when a customer clicks the call to action in the ad, a mini-browser opens up, in the app, and they are easily able to go about doing business with your company. Once they are finished buying, downloading, calling you, or whatever, they’ll end up back on Instagram.

Social media advertising is one of my main recommendations for any prospective client we speak with. Especially if they want to sell downloads of their app, sign up their customers to their mailing list, sell their latest product/service, or if they simply want to explained the reach of their content in order to drive website conversions.

If you need help getting started and navigating your way through the analytics after your campaign, VPDM Digital can help you create and execute a strategy starting today.


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