How Integrating Email Marketing With Social Media Boosts Website Conversions

integrating email marketing with social media

Tips on Integrating Email Marketing with Social Media

At VPDM Digital, we’re true believers in the power of SEO and social media marketing, we also use traditional digital marketing tactics and show how integrating email marketing with social media can boost your business website conversions.

Studies prove that Email marketing is still considered to be a much more effective form of digital marketing than social media marketing. Forbes says that since the latter can often be chaotic (no way, really?) and difficult to measure.

I’m not sure about their point of social media marketing being difficult to measure, but that’s a different conversation. For example, find out how to track your email and social marketing campaigns using Facebook custom audiences and your email list.

Email Marketing + Social Media Marketing = Website Conversions

Increase Website Conversions With Email and Social MarketingI believe that even if Email marketing is more effective than social media marketing, if the two are working a digital strategy in tandem, and speaking to the same marketing personas, this can only increase the number of customers that reach your website your retail space.

It’s no secret social media platforms provide a great amount of click-through to brand’s and company websites. Smart marketers will drive that traffic to newsletter signups and/or whitepaper downloads (in exchange for an email address).

If you’re providing quality value in your newsletter and promotional downloads, your customers will find this useful and will share with their network and return to your business to make a purchase.

How Marketers Have Shifted to Email Marketing

In order to demonstrate how savvy marketers have recently been moving their digital marketing budgets into Email marketing, we found this infographic from ReachMail that speaks exactly to this point.

Within the last year, marketers have shown a 60% increase in marketing spend toward email marketing. This doesn’t mean social media marketing is over by any means.

Also within the last year, these same marketers have increased their social media marketing budget by  50 %. So what did this do for these businesses?

These companies saw an increase in social media shares across these networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Now the value of these clicks vary but they all do have similar click-through rates of roughly 6%, which is pretty darn good.

I say the best strategy is to split your digital marketing budget equally between email marketing and social media marketing.

Check out the info below with super tips on integrating email marketing into your social media platforms.

OR – if you need help crafting a email and social media marketing strategy and want to get started right away, please contact us today.

tips on integrating email marketing with social media
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