Introducing Pinterest For Men

Pinterest For Men - Never Market To Only Women on Pinterest Again. VPDM Digital Marketing Toronto.

Pinterest, the second largest search engine in the world (not owned by Google) has been highly criticized over the years for being a women’s social network. The platform has been dominated by pictures of weddings, crafts, healthy recipes and more. However, the dichotomy on Pinterest is changing. But why?

Why Are Men Using Pinterest?

With the platform’s male user base more than doubling since 2014, we would like to reintroduce Pinterest for men, which is actually just Pinterest itself. What is interesting about Pinterest for men is that this specific demographic is actually outpacing Pinterest growth as a whole.

This inherently asks us to question, why the sudden testosterone boost? Recent updates made to Pinterest such as the ability to conduct more relevant searches and in little to no time are just a few of the reasons why Pinterest for men is actually a thing!

Men Using Pinterest. VPDM Digital Marketing Strategy.

How Men Use Pinterest

Pinterest’s demographic skew towards women is not so clear anymore, as men are taking quite the interest in the platform. With the newest update in Guided Search functions; Pinterest generates more gender specific search results.

For example, when you search for hats, you will no longer be overwhelmed with only women’s fashion. Pinterest now recognizes that you may want to see what other males have pinned, making your user- experience more relevant, and making Pinterest for men, more attractive.

Men on Pinterest. VPDM Digital Marketing Strategy.

Along with the smarter search capabilities, Pinterest now makes it easy for purchases to be made. Like most social media users, men tend to have short attention spans– so having the ability to search smarter, faster, and see eye catching images to quickly purchase, puts pinterest back in the running for an attractive gateway to e-commerce. To learn how other social networks move towards e-commerce, read this article about Facebook.

With the male demographic predicted to continually increase, it would be wise for marketers to capitalize on an early trend such as Pinterest for men. If your business isn’t on Pinterest already, you should read this article showcasing simple yet effective ways to get started on Pinterest.

How to Market to Men on Pinterest

According to a study by Javelin Strategy & Research, the average order value of Pinterest users is $123.50, which is 126 percent more than the average order value of Facebook users. Take this, and combine it with the statistic of a 73% increases in the male user demographic. As a retailer, you should be shifting your attention towards Pinterest for men and bringing your “A game” when creating a new marketing strategy.

Pinterest for Men. Marketing Strategy. VPDM Digital Marketing.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you target the male consumer on Pinterest.

1. Follow boards targeting male interests:
To better understand your audience, follow boards that are relevant to your products or content that is targeting male audiences as well.

2. Pin images that apply to men:
Actively and consistently pin images that appeal to men on your own boards, as it will help you grow your following on Pinterest.

3. Target men specifically using Pinterest promoted pins:
Now available are promoted pins, where businesses pay to get noticed by certain audiences. It would benefit your business by doing so too!

4. Grow a male audience outside of Pinterest:
Staying consistent through all active platforms is ultimately how any company should brand themselves. Growing a large following on other social media will help leverage on your growth on Pinterest. You can do this through content marketing to grow your website traffic as well.

5. Apply common Pinterest marketing tactics:
A strategy should always be put in place. Pinning constantly and using keywords on your pins and board should be at the top of your list. This will assist in making sure your content can be found.

Men on Pinterest. VPDM Digital Marketing Strategy.

 The Wrap

If your business wants to be successful at marketing and selling your products on Pinterest, build your Pinterest marketing strategy using the tips mentioned above. These tricks can be built into your marketing strategy using Pinterest for men as your audience.

Whether you are marketing to men, women or both, if you want to succeed, you must always optimize your content if you want your content to be found by the right people at the right time.

If you want to learn ‘how not to suck at Pinterest’, VPDM Digital Marketing specializes in SEO and content marketing.

If you are interested in creating, recreating, and optimizing your Pinterest marketing strategy, contact us today!

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