How to Create Content That Increases Your LinkedIn Marketing Engagement by 386%

How To Increase Your LinkedIn Marketing Engagement by 386%

LinkedIn Marketing On Steroids

LinkedIn and an optimized LinkedIn marketing strategy should become your bff’s. From what I’ve seen, most social media consultants in the Niagara region, Hamilton, Toronto, and GTA aren’t using LinkedIn marketing nearly as much as they should.

Facebook and Twitter are your mainstays, but for me personally and professionally, I’ve been able to leverage targeted content creation and curation to maximize reach and engagement on both LinkedIn and on Pinterest as well. Some of our client’s don’t even need Facebook.

LinkedIn is a player. Its 259,000,000 users and 2,100,000 groups are in business or are businesses. If you can get some decent referral traffic from LinkedIn you could see an increase in your revenue partly because of the fact that LinkedIn users have money they want to spend on your products and services.


How To Maximize LinkedIn Engagement

Just like marketing on other social platforms, social media managers using LinkedIn all want to boost reach and engagement with the useful and relevant content they’re creating. It’s best to post on LinkedIn in the mornings.

However, there are more ways to increase your engagement form LinkedIn marketing. For one, Neil Patel says if you publish 20 posts per month, you’d reach 60% of your audience. This sounds great especially with declining Facebook reach.

Quicksprout published an infographic that you can see below, titled “How To Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement by 386%.” What an insane spike huh?

In order to kill it with your LinkedIn marketing, simply follow the steps outlined in the image below.


=””>How to Increase LinkedIn Engagement by 386%
Courtesy of: =””>Quick Sprout


The Wrap

If you have your own thoughts on increasing LinkedIn engagement or engagement on social platforms in general, please reach out and let me know or start the convo by leaving a comment below.

If you need some help with your LinkedIn marketing, Facebook advertising, or social media content creation, let’s talk. I’d be happy to show you what we can do for you to help you reach your digital marketing goals.


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