LinkedIn Showcase Pages Allow Brands To Showcase Content & Create Engagement

linkedin showcase pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages Rolls Out For All

LinkedIn’s new feature, Showcase Pages, will allow big brands as well as small and medium sized businesses to use the social network just as they use Facebook and Google+. Even more, a LinkedIn Showcase Page let’s brands highlight specific products, services, or projects.

You may remember back in November 2013, LinkedIn announced Showcase Pages. At that time they were only available for a select few companies. That changed recently as LinkedIn has been slowly rolling out Showcase Pages to everyone who has a Company Page.

So if you’ve been waiting to start your company page on LinkedIn, like I have, you should get on that this week so you can take advantage of these cool new LinkedIn Showcase Pages. Let’s get into what these are and how they differ and compliment your existing company page.

New Showcase Page

linkedin showcase page example


Regular Company Page

linkedin company page example


Share Specific Content With a Targeted Audience

Use your Showcase Page as an extension of your Company Page. You can create more than one Showcase Page, each featuring a specific brand, division, product, service, or initiative. Get creative and brand your showcase page with relevant and unique messages. This will help you attract and build audience segments specific to each Showcase Page.

“As with a Company Page, you can share Company Updates and Sponsored Updates with LinkedIn members who can now follow the aspects of your business they’re interested in.”


Drive Engagement With A Dedicated Page

LinkedIn Showcase Pages look very similar to Facebook and Google+ brand pages. This was no accident. LinkedIn understands that many of their potential users spend a large amount of their online time, consuming and sharing content on Facebook and Google+. LinkedIn wants a piece of your time too. This similar design will allow users to be familiar with the user interface (UI) which means that you could likely see some sort of engagement (like/follow/share).

Yet another nod to Facebook and Google+, LinkedIn Showcase Pages are essentially built to be all about content. They’ve even made interacting (i.e. engagement!) easy for the user.


Build More Meaningful Relationships

LinkedIn wants us to use Showcase Pages to build better relationships. Since these are dedicated pages that allow companies to highlight different aspects of their business, they can then use them to build relationships with the right community. And when the community follows a Showcase Page they will be provided with the updates they are most interested in.

If your business needs to target different audience segments, Showcase Pages offer the perfect solution to share the right message with the right audience on LinkedIn. Think of the benefits these pages will have for B2B marketers.

Sometimes using social media to promote every single product offering to every single fan or follower can end up alienating your audience. Remember that your audience, like yourself and every other social media user, is bombarded with information everyday. Segment your social media followers on LinkedIn just like you segment your email lists.


All About Content & Engagement

You’ll notice a nice big “cover photo” which is not a cover photo. LinkedIn calls this header a “Hero Image”. They have a cool design to them, so kudos to LinkedIn designers. The company logo and follow buttons are incorporated right in the header instead of on top of the page. The amount of real estate you have gives you a great opportunity to showcase your branding or call to action.

Your website url appears right underneath the company description and is always visible. Which it should be. Still today, no one knows why in LinkedIn Company Pages you have to click “see more” to view the url.


Don’t Forget The SEO and SMO

Actually, never forget the SEO. When naming your Company Page, you likely and wisely named it your company name, say ACME. But now you have the opportunity to create a LinkedIn Showcase Page and you started thinking about LinkedIn search! If ACME supplies dental services, they should optimize their Showcase Page name to include a primary keyword. In this case, a simple example would be to call the page “Dental Services by ACME”. This way, if you use some keywords or a primary key phrase in your page name, you could show up in LinkedIn searches for your company name or for ‘dental services’.


How To Set Up a LinkedIn Showcase Page

The good news is it’s very simple to set up. As long as you already have a Company Page. You also should figure out just what brands, divisions, products, services, or initiatives you need a Showcase Page for. Once you have that in place, login to your Company Page, click the Edit menu on the top right, and select Create a Showcase Page. Customize and start sharing your awesome optimized content.


What To Do With Showcase Pages

It’s really up to you. You can do anything, rockstar! Here are some examples on how to use Showcase Pages as an extension of your Company Page:

  • Post company updates as you would on Facebook or G+.
  • Post product announcements – with compelling photo.
  • Information on upcoming product releases, changes, etc.
  • Links to your company blog articles.
  • Relevant industry news

Don’t forget that LinkedIn will happily take some of your advertising budget just so you can increase and boost your reach. LinkedIn offers sponsored updates – i.e. LinkedIn Ads – for your content to reach a greater amount of relevant users.


The Wrap

These new pages were created to allow brands so showcase content. Hopefully useful, relevant and sharable content. Companies are able to target content to different market segments and showcase/highlight specific content to each sector.

I’m looking forward to setting up specific Showcase Pages for a current client who has 3 separate, non related product divisions. They also have a large B2B side of their business and this new LinkedIn solution should be an appropriate tactic.

Are you planning on using Showcase Pages? If so, how? Let us know in the comments.

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