6 Simple Ways You Should Optimize Facebook Live for your Business

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How to Optimize Live Stream Video on Facebook

This year is the year for live stream video on Facebook. Facebook Live is a new, exciting, and extremely popular feature that can help you better connect with your audience. 

But if you’re just figuring out how to live stream video on Facebook, the real work doesn’t end after you stop recording- it’s just the beginning. 

Once you’ve posted your video, you’ll want to monitor you KPIs and make sense of Facebook’s video insights. Before we get there, here are some tips for how to get the best results from your live video on Facebook.

Why Optimize Your Facebook Live Videos?

When Live was first an option for Facebook, they reserved it only for certain users to control the bandwidth and set the standards for future live videos.

Now, anyone can set up a Facebook Live feed from the comfort of their own home, but using Facebook Live for businesses is also an extremely useful tool for your brand. It helps audiences feel more connected with your business, increases credibility for your

It helps audiences feel more connected with your business, increases credibility for your brand, and offers you more exposure in the end. 

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Here’s an Example

One of today’s most popular international companies, Starbucks, was quick to realize the major advantages Facebook Live has to offer.

On National Voter Registration Day in September 2016, Starbucks organized a Live event at Rufus Park in Queens, New York, where they streamed a video that ran for approximately 23 minutes.

This Live event worked to Starbucks’ advantage for a few different reasons:

  • It reflected Starbucks’ involvement in the community.
  • Audiences who couldn’t physically attend the event were still able to see it.
  • It introduced members of the Starbucks team, from CEOs to volunteers at the event.

For a larger-sized business, such as Starbucks, this type of Live video also helped bridge the gap between consumers and the brand. Often, consumers may feel a disconnect from franchises, so Live videos help put a face to a business.

For smaller, more locally-based businesses, this tool can only help you build a stronger relationship with consumers.

Facebook now also prioritizes Live videos in people’s newsfeeds, and these videos are currently being viewed more than regularly uploaded videos.

So instead of trying to launch a Facebook video campaign, which are often difficult to execute effectively due to the limited reach, broadcasting a live video on Facebook will help you inch just a little closer to the top of your audience’s feed.

So, are you still wondering how to use Facebook Live? It’s no magic secret, and it may not be glamorous, but the real work happens after the video has aired.

We're LIVE from Rufus King Park in Jamaica, Queens to Turn Up The Vote. Join us, Common and Howard Schultz to celebrate National Voter Registration Day.

Posted by Starbucks on Tuesday, September 27, 2016


6 Steps to Optimize Your Facebook Live Video

1. Title and Description

Similar to any sort of search optimization, you want to make sure your title and description for the video are accurate and eye-catching. The descriptions are perhaps even more important, as they will be what shows up on your timeline and other people’s news feed.

Here’s a tip: Using keywords for your title will also make it easier for audiences to search your video after you’ve recorded and uploaded it.

2. Editing the Video Afterward

Often times, however, audiences may not be available to watch your video while it’s live. That’s totally okay! Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t start off with a large audience, as the majority of your viewership will likely take place after the video has aired anyway.

After your video airs, Facebook allows you to download the live feed into an MP4 format since it instantly saves in your ‘videos’ after you’ve recorded. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of this and edit your video into a shorter version that will be easier for your audience to digest.

After you’ve taken the time to edit, you are then able to embed the video on any other platform you choose, whether that’s YouTube or your company’s website.

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3. Practice!

Before you broadcast your live video, it’s also handy to practice your “Facebook Live” voice.

Easy ways to practice going live are to listen to your voicemail, record yourself on your webcam, or write down what you want to say beforehand.

4. The 80/20 Rule

As with most types of promotion, you’ll want to keep your video content somewhere around 20% promotional material and 80% discussion.

This may not feel completely natural, especially if you’re using Facebook Live for business, but some examples of keeping the discussion going during a live feed would be to start a Q&A, or give shoutouts to people who are commenting and engaging with your live feed.

And remember, always make sure you end your live video with a call to action!

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5. Track Your Insights

Just like with regular videos uploaded to Facebook for business purposes, you are able to track your insights for your Live videos.

The insights panel will allow you to view a range of statistics for your video. For example, you can see who was watching and when. It’s very important that you keep in mind the times that people are tuning in to view your videos, as you might find that certain times work better for your audience to watch Live videos.

Another tip: Don’t worry if you find people are tuning out of your video. The more views your video gets, the more likely it is you will run into negative insights.

6. Have Fun!

Relax- practice makes perfect. You may feel slightly uncomfortable during your first couple broadcasts if public speaking isn’t your thing. But just remember that the best way to communicate to your audiences is to be yourself.

Even if you’re using Facebook Live for businesses, it is still important to take advantage of the personal, face-to-face connection you’ll have with your audience.

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The Wrap

When figuring out how to broadcast on Facebook Live, don’t be afraid to play around and see what works for you and your audience. There is not necessarily a right or wrong way to use Facebook Live for businesses.

This is why editing the video afterward can be so useful for perfecting that Facebook Live formula. It allows you the chance to review your video and make changes on the format.

Still not sure about Facebook Live?

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