Why Facebook’s Future is the Smartphone

Mobile Facebook Stats and The Future

Mobile Facebook Stats: Why Their Future Revolves Around Smartphones

Facebook has always thought of itself as a mobile company even though the world’s largest social network started out as a website. But, just Google mobile Facebook stats and you’ll see over 134,000,000 results! Back in 2012, Zuckerberg said that ““today there’s no argument: Facebook is a mobile company”.

In 2014 it was clear that smartphones and mobile devices were fuelling Facebook’s growth. By March of that year, Facebook had more than 1 Billion active mobile users. That’s ONE Billion with a “B”, and active with an “A”, users.


Why Mobile is the Future of Facebook

Zuckerberg, in 2012, agreed that Facebook turned their core product into a mobile product and further went on to say that by 2013 “we turned our business into a mobile business.”

So what of 2014 and 2015 you ask? As we’ve seen, Facebook has consistently created, produced, and released new, high-tech, and extremely engaging mobile experiences.

Let’s take a look at what mobile and Facebook have become BFF’s and what this means for the future of Facebook:

1. Facebook on Mobile is Booming

While Facebook’s new user sign-ups have decreased or at the very least, peaked and levelled off, the mobile usage pattern of it’s over 1 billion active users has increased significantly and is still growing! The number of daily active mobile users on Facebook increased 43% to 609 million in the first quarter of 2014.

Of all Facebook’s daily active users, 55% consume Facebook on their smartphones. That works out to around 441 million people who use Facebook on mobile every single day.

So what does this mean for Facebook? Well, it simply means lots and lots of advertising revenue! TheGuardian.com says “This is translating into more money for Facebook through advertising: 59% of its $2.3bn of ad revenues in the first quarter of this year came from mobile, a proportion that stood at 30% in the first quarter of 2013, and just 14% in the third quarter of 2012.

When ice-cream brand Ben & Jerry’s ran a Facebook advertising campaign early this year, it reached 14m people – and 90% of them saw the ad on their mobile devices. Mobile growth isn’t just about usage for Facebook, it’s about hard dollars too.”


2. New Ad Units From Facebook

So with the increase in ad revenues for Facebook, will be offering new ad formats to advertisers. Why not? The social network is making so much dough from mobile advertising because it shows way more ads in your mobile news feed these days.

Those advertisers looking for your eyeballs and engagement are being charged for the incredible geo-and psycho-targeted that the Facebook ad’s manager provide digital marketers and social media mangers.

An example of some experimental advertising options Facebook is offering are the Premium Video Ads. These became available in March of 2014 and are essentially 15 second clips that auto-play as you scroll. There’s no volume on the ad until you actually click the post, where it will then expand the experience to full screen.

Premium Video Ads on Facebook
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More Breakdown: Why Facebook’s Future is the Smartphone

Here are a few more reasons why Facebook’s future rests with mobile – smartphones in particular.

  • Facebook sees mobile as the key to emerging markets
  • Facebook is ‘unbundling the big blue app’
  • It isn’t afraid to splash the cash on external apps
  • The delicate balancing act between ads and updates
  • Facebook is changing the way you use it to sign in to other apps
  • Facebook wants to know what you’re listening to and watching

Read the rest of the list at TheGuardian.com.


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