6 Mobile Marketing Statistics (And What They Really Mean)

Mobile Marketing Statistics and Trends - VPDM Digital St. Catharines

Numbers never lie” is the mantra every digital marketer should live by. Making a decision without checking the data is a big no-no. With the explosion of mobile phone use in the last decade, marketers need to know the way the industry is heading, and how they can harness the power of the mobile phone to create a more effective mobile marketing strategy.

Today, VPDM Digital Marketing will outline 6 mobile marketing statistics and explain what each means. By the end of this article, you should be able to use these mobile stats to help you craft your mobile marketing strategy.

 Mobile Marketing Trends - VPDM Digital St. Catharines


Mobile Marketing Statistics & Trends For Your Strategy

Mobile Marketing Statistics - Usage in bed
The first thing people look at in the morning is their mobile device


Mobile Statistic #1:

80% of users check their mobile phones within 15 minutes after waking up.

What It Means: Get them early, and get them often. If one of the first things people do in the morning is checking their mobile devices, that means you have a condensed audience in that time period. Don’t be afraid to schedule social posts early in the morning – you could have  someone thinking about your product all day.



mobile marketing statistics
Mobile Marketing Statistics


Mobile Statistic #2:

Almost 3 billion people use a mobile phone to access the Internet.

Statistic: Ten years ago there were 26 million mobile internet users across the globe. Today 2.78 billion people use a mobile phone to access the internet. (Source)

What It Means: Mobile growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon. A third of the world’s population are connected, and with technology costs decreasing and mobile internet prices decreasing, that number will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.


Example of Mobile App Advertising
Example of Mobile App Advertising – Source


Mobile Statistic #3:

Mobile advertising will increase by $15 million this year.

Statistic: Mobile advertising spending is expected to increase from $42.63 million in 2014 to around $69 million in 2015. By 2016, the amount spent on mobile ads could be more than $100 billion. (Source)

What It Means: If people are spending lots of time on mobile, it makes sense to advertise there, and companies are learning this fast. Mobile advertising comes in many forms, but in-app advertisements are the most effective, mainly because….


Mobile App usage dominates Mobile web usage
Mobile App usage dominates mobile web usage –


Mobile Statistic #4:

Smartphone use is all about the apps.

Statistic: Mobile users spend 89% time in mobile apps and just 11% on mobile web. (Source)

What It Means: People LOVE their Candy Crush. But seriously, people clearly use their mobile devices very differently than they use desktops, spending a surprising amount of time in a mobile app. This means two things for mobile marketers – in-app advertising is a huge market with a captive audience, and developing your own app is the ideal way to drive users to your business online.



65% of people learn visually
Most people learn visually –


Mobile Statistic #5:

Statistic: 65% of the world are visual learners (Source)

What It Means: Content is King, but visual content is the Grand Poobah. If you have a message you want to broadcast, make it visually appealing by developing a slideshow, infographic, or well-produced video. This will make your content more engaging, shareable and overall effective. It may be more time-consuming, but the end result will be worth it.



Mobile Marketing and Search Optimization
When someone searches on mobile, they’re ready to buy/book/eat – Source


Mobile Statistic #6:

Mobile SEO is key to your digital marketing.

Statistic: 80% of Local Searches on Mobile Phones Convert (Source)

What It Means: People on their mobile phones mean business – literally. When you search for a restaurant, or a store, or a product on your phone, it means you are ready to buy NOW. That’s why optimization of your mobile search results, having a mobile responsive website design, and mobile advertising are all so important.


Can’t make heads or tails of these mobile marketing statistics?

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