Google Says Step Up Your Mobile Marketing Game Or Else

Mobile Marketing Strategy and Trends for 2016. Local SEO is a Priority!

Now more than ever, a mobile marketing strategy should be a vital part of any business’s digital marketing strategy moving into 2016. Google is paying attention to mobile marketing trends, this means you should too.

Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016

Remember the times I’ve repeated that businesses and brands should look at Google as a “referral engine” and not a “search engine”? (read the article here). Well now with the latest mobile marketing trends, Google says you can ask your best friend for the absolute best referrals for any problem, any challenge, or any question you need answered. 

When referring to your “best friend”, I’m talking directly about your mobile device. If you’re a local business or a multi-national chain, the news Google dropped last week is of vital importance to the future of your business and your digital marketing strategy.

In early October 2015, at the Code/Mobile conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, Calif, Amit Singhal, the senior vice president of Google Search, made an official announcement that over 50% of the 100 billion monthly searches performed on Google come from mobile devices – specifically Smartphones.

Did you get that?

1. Your potential customers are making over 50 billion searches from their Smartphone each and every month, and you know that number is growing rapidly.

2. These searches are coming from smartphones, not tablets. Google doesn’t consider tablets, or any device with screens bigger than 6 inches, a “mobile” device.

local search is evolving. so should your mobile marketing strategy.

Google’s Evidence That Search is Evolving

As a digital marketer or business owner, it shouldn’t be breaking news to you that your customers and prospects are using their smartphones to search for products and services that you offer, which solve their issues.

Smart mobile marketers are aware that today’s customers are comfortable typing their search queries into their smartphones or are actively using Google Now (voice recognition software) to conduct their searches.

As Singhal explains, everything from a potential customer’s environment and the capabilities of the device they are using, will determine how the user searches and what method of search they use.

“Search as we think about it is fundamentally how you will interact with computing,” Singhal said. “Computing may live in a 4-to-6-inch device, it may live in a desktop, it may live on a 1-inch round device.”

Local Search & Local SEO Needs to Be A Priority

So what does all this mean for for your company? Clearly it means mobile marketing, including a solid mobile optimization strategy with Local SEO baked in from the start, needs to become your priority going into 2016.

Is Local SEO a Priority For Your Business?At our shop, our mobile marketing strategy is built specifically for each client’s goals and is targeted to well researched user/buyer personas. The entire strategy revolves around the user first, then the search engine.

We build websites using a mobile first approach. We test on mobile first, then tablet or desktop, based on what device is most popular according to the website’s analytics. We also go the extra mile and ensure your website always has the appropriate schema markup, which  will help your search rankings.

It’s been reported that websites that use schema markup tend to rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs) than companies whose websites do not use schema markup. A study by Searchmetrics found that pages with schema markup rank better by an average of four positions when compared to pages without.

Mobile Friendly Design

What About Mobile Friendly Websites

We all remember mobilegeddon and Google’s call to all website owners to make their websites mobile responsive and adaptive – or else.

If that’s not enough to convince you, look what John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google had to say about mobile friendly websites:

“More than half of Google’s searches are now coming from mobile. If you haven’t made your site (or your client’s sites) mobile-friendly, you’re ignoring a lot of potential users.”

The Wrap

If you haven’t started a well researched mobile marketing strategy, the time is now. Especially if you’re a local business or a local business involved the the destination marketing and tourism industry.

Google has confirmed that over 50% of their 100 billion monthly searches are made from Smartphones. This means your potential customers are likely searching for and ready to purchase a product or service that you offer, right now.

In order to convert this customer into a sale, a word of mouth referral, and a happy return customer, you need to ensure their experience on your mobile-friendly site is easily consumable, high-quality, and relevant, without any sort of “friction” in their website experience.

Watch the full video of the session with Singhal and Re/code Executive Editor Kara Swisher.

When you’re ready to start your mobile marketing and local SEO strategy, contact us to help craft the your future of your business.

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