The Mobile Marketing Trends That Savvy Marketers Use Daily

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How’s your mobile marketing strategy doing? Have you been following the latest mobile marketing trends or is your digital marketing agency executing custom mobile marketing solutions for your latest product or service? We have some crazy mobile statistics and a wicked cool Infographic to help you craft your “think mobile first” plan.

Mobile Marketing Trends

If you’re a keen digital marketer, social media expert, or savvy mobile marketing company owner, I’m sure you’re hip to the fact that mobile marketing is where you should be focusing your digital marketing efforts these days.

I’m willing to bet that many of you have already used your mobile device – smartphone or tablet – today, to catch up on email, check in on your Twitter feed, and likely post a photo to Instagram.

In fact, of the many mobile marketing trends we’ll discuss in this article, we do know that today’s internet users, i.e. pretty much everyone you know, spend more time consuming and sharing content from social media platforms on their mobile devices than from their desktop computer or laptop.

Notice I mentioned both “consuming and sharing” content more from mobile than from desktop?

It’s a well known fact, particularly with many of our clients, that people consuming content on mobile devices share social content twice as much as desktop users. How’s that for some mobile marketing facts to add to your mobile marketing campaign?

Mobile Marketing Solutions

Mobile Marketing Strategy From VPDM Digital
Mobile Marketing Solutions

Some of the best mobile marketing companies in Niagara, Hamilton, Toronto (GTA), and throughout southern Ontario use a “think mobile first” marketing strategy with their clients. At VPDM, we choose the same approach, and why not?

Social mobile marketing and advertising trends show that the social advertising market is projected to grow to $11 billion by 2017.

Your customers have already shifted into heavy mobile device usage, so smart social media companies have mobile marketing campaigns at the top of their list.

Mobile Marketing Statistics

First thing for any business owner to understand is that mobile isn’t coming soon, it’s already here and is thriving with full force. In fact, in some countries, consumers use only mobile devices as their primary access to social media platforms and internet as a whole. You can be sure the US is in track to catch up with that statistic very soon.

  • 78% of US Facebook users access the platform via mobile at least once a month.
  • 60% of Twitter users access and Tweet via movie at least once a month.
  • 40% of YouTube video plays in the US are streamed on mobile devices.
  • This year, global shipments of tablets will outperform personal computers.

Mobile Marketing Services

If you’re ready to get on trend and shift your digital marketing to a mobile first approach, VPDM Digital can help you craft and execute your mobile marketing strategy with our content + search + social internet marketing strategy.

Contact us today to get started on your company’s mobile marketing strategies.

In the meantime, check out this infographic from Unified Social with all the reasons why super smart and savvy digital marketers craft strategies with a mobile first mentality.

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Mobile Marketing Trends – Infographic

 Infographic via UnifiedSocial

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