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Instagram is undergoing major changes this year and any insightful Instagram marketing tips will help every business that uses the rapidly growing platform. Since early 2016 the app has been implementing some pretty big alterations to their appearance and functions.

At the beginning of March, Instagram introduced a new algorithm – in other words, a new way of ordering posts so that individuals could gain more from their feeds.

The company stated that “People currently miss on average 70 percent of their feeds,” and they felt that this was an issue that needed to be addressed.

As a solution, Instagram introduced a new way of ordering posts so that users would see content that is relevant to their interests, first. Sounds like an okay idea, right? WRONG. People were not happy and they were not shy about letting everyone know.

How will this affect business marketing?

Marketers who use Instagram to reach an audience are directly affected by this change. If their posts aren’t showing up in certain feeds, there is a whole niche that they are missing.

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However, if posts are targeted to user by interest, then this new algorithm could work to their benefit. People didn’t see it that way though.

Days prior to the update, Instagram users desperately attempted to reach out to their followers by frantically requesting them to “turn on push notifications” for their specific accounts.

This would then cause their followers to receive a notification whenever the account made a post, ensuring that every follower sees it. No one seemed to like this idea either. Who wants to receive a notification for every single post of every single person they follow?

The hype over this new algorithm died down after a week or so and all seemed to be well. Don’t worry, though! Instagram wasn’t finished causing an uproar in the online community just yet.

So, what else is new?

This month the app launched a new update that featured some more new changes.

Most of these changes were in relation to the appearance of the app itself. The new look features a more simplistic black and white framing around your post and features, and switched a few things up in terms of the photo editing section.


However, the most important change, is that with this update came a NEW LOGO. Yes, you’ve read correctly and if you’ve updated your Instagram app in the past week or so you’ve probably noticed the change.instalogo-new

The cute little brown hipster-camera with the rainbow thing is now changed and replaced with a completely new image.

There it is. The company states, “The Instagram community has evolved over the past five years from a place to share filtered photos to so much more – a global community of interests sharing more than 80 million photos and videos every day. Our updated look reflects how vibrant and diverse your storytelling has become.”

We don’t really see how that theme is reflected in the new logo and apparently, neither does anyone else. The twitter community responded with tweets poking fun at the “creativity” of the logo choice.

But…what’s the big deal?

As branders in the digital community, we at VPDM Digital know the relevance of a company’s logo and the strong tie it creates between a user and the brand itself.

For Instagram to change the logo in such a drastic way is risky and could negatively affect the relationship with it’s users. Brands update their logos all the time but usually do so in a more subtle way, staying pretty consistent with the previous logo’s colors and style.

Instagram strayed off a lot here because we hardly see any of the old logo in this new one. However, Instagram is Instagram and we don’t think anyone will stop using it over a change like this. After a few months, the old logo will be just a distant memory to Instagram users and they will be complaining about the apps newest update.


It seems that Instagram cannot win with it’s users or the online community. Maybe people really, really don’t like change. Or maybe they just like finding things to complain about on Twitter.

We will never know the truth. We are just happy that we can still share our photos using this trusty app. Please, Instagram, don’t change that too.

Now, time for some good news…

We all know that the Instagram community has grown into a marketing hub for businesses of all types. It’s one of the most direct ways to interact with consumers and market a product or service quickly, easily and cost effectively. Instagram realizes this and is developing tools so that businesses can better channel their app for marketing purposes.

Images have leaked of a new Instagram Analytics and Insights tab. This tab will provide digital marketers with all of the data we’ve been trying to receive since the dawn of Instagram marketing. We’re pretty excited about it.

giphy (2)


The analytic section will feature information about your followers location (broken down by country AND city), gender, and age.


It will also provide crucial information about how these followers interact with you and which of your posts they are seeing and interacting with most.


In addition to all that data, Instagram will also allow businesses to create a more detailed profile. The business profiles will feature more direct contact information and can even provide users with directions to the business location.13170041_629210093895125_501775772_o-1-e1462926196295

Despite the seemingly negative updates that have already taken place, we’re excited about what Instagram has in store for us next.

We can’t wait for the analytic and business page features to be implemented so we can use the data to better market our clients.


Summary: What You Need To Know About the New Insta Updates

So, as we’ve discussed, Instagram is revamping itself this year. So far we’ve seen changes in the feed, appearance and logo. Whether, you are happy with these adjustments or not, VPDM is sure that you will get used to them. As digital marketers it is our job to harness these new updates and use them to help our clients.

In addition to the changes that have already taken place, the introduction of analytics and insights to the app will make major waves in the digital community. We’re hoping the internet community won’t be too offended by this introduction, as it shouldn’t really affect the app from a personal user standpoint.

Long story short, people will always find reasons to complain. VPDM admires Instagram for acknowledging problems in their company and trying to address them.

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