5 Reasons Your Brand Needs A Periscope Marketing Strategy

Periscope App Marketing Strategy

It is no secret that great video content will spread across social media like wildfire.  After all, who hasn’t seen Charlie Bit My Finger, or Sneezing Panda?

For years, brands have been utilizing the power of video to launch new products, and revolutionize the old ones.  Until recently, they’ve been doing so on the tried and true platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, with braver brands branching out into Instagram and perhaps SnapChat.

But now, digital marketing companies, social media consultants, and many savvy businesses around the world are all about Live Streaming.

Wait, what? 

Today we’ll introduce you to what live streaming is and how to create a Periscope marketing strategy for your business.

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Your Brand Needs a Periscope Marketing Campaign Today

Now with the recent evolution of live video streaming apps, what does that mean for social media marketing.  How can live broadcasting platforms Periscope and Meerkat, help to bring more awareness to a brand?

That is where VPDM Digital Marketing comes to the rescue.

We’ve discovered 5 creative ways that live streaming can take your business to the next level.

Periscope Marketing Strategy
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1. Periscope Marketing Humanizes Your Brand

In the past, it has been difficult for large brands to create a personal connection with their consumers, but thanks to live streaming this is no longer the case.

Periscope and Meerkat make it possible for brands to give viewers an inside look at the company.  The possibilities are endless from tours of the office, to meeting the staff.

Imagine watching a livestream of the next blockbuster movie being filmed, or meeting the brains behind the Apple Watch.  The brand becomes much more than a giant corporation, once a personal connection has been established.


2. Periscope Encourages More Engaged Viewers

Of course, the option is still there to advertise with a primetime TV commercial.  But this raises the question, is it better to reach millions of un-interested viewers, or a couple thousand qualified ones?

If a viewer is making the decision to watch a livestream on Periscope or Meerkat, then they are interested in the content being offered.

The more engaged the viewer is, the more likely they are to be converted to the brand.

This is great news to advertisers everywhere.


3. Live Broadcasting Creates A New Level of Endorsement

How do you make you engagement rates skyrocket?

Get a celebrity to take over your Periscope account.

Imagine what would happen if Taylor Swift infiltrated the Diet Coke live stream.  Engagement would hit the roof, and Diet Coke sales would be soon to follow.


4. Periscope Creates Live Question and Answer Sessions

Brands have been mastering the art of the Q & A session for years.

Over Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform brands will ask customers to “ask them anything.”  And ask they do.

The questions flood in, and the brands respond accordingly.

Now imagine this happening over a livestream.  Consumers would see the face behind the brand.  Making the relationship between the fans, and the brand suddenly feel more real, and intimate.

This Q & A session can also be done in reverse.

Do you want to know what customers would think of a new product?  Ask them over a livestream.

Allow the consumers to have a say in your brand’s direction.  After all, the customer is always right.


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5. Breakthrough a Crowded Space With Periscope

The time to break into livestreaming is now!

The established social media platforms are inundated with content, which can be a struggle when trying to stand out.

The newness of Periscope allows early adopters to take the platform by storm.

Jumping on the live streaming trend early will allow your brand to create their niche on Periscope, forcing the competitors to play catch up.


Live Broadcasting for Your Brand?

Just like any social media platform, Periscope and Meerkat need to make sense for your business.  Your brand has to have interesting video content, and once you have achieved that the engaged viewers will quickly follow.

The possibilities are endless.  Especially in industries such as media, retail, and tourism, all of which are selling products that viewers need to be passionate about.

If you need help crafting your live-streaming strategy and creating online brand awareness, we can help. Reach out today.

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