How to Reach Your Target Audience on Social Media With Persuasive Marketing

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The Power of Persuasive Marketing: How to Reach Your Target Market Through Social Media

The key to getting conversions is persuasive marketing. Attracting customers through social media is one thing, but getting them to buy requires the power of persuasion.

You need to convince most consumers that your product is right for them. And that doesn’t come easily if you don’t have the right digital marketing strategy.

There are about 3 million advertisers on Facebook right now. That’s a lot of people for you to compete against. If your audience isn’t targeted properly, your content could get lost in the mix.

With the right persuasive marketing techniques, you can reach the right users and increase conversions for your brand.

Here are some essential tips you should follow to persuade your audience and reach the right users on social media.

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Ethos, Pathos, and Logos: Rhetoric and Persuasive Marketing states that “persuasion marketing applies what we know about human psychology to develop techniques to market products or services.”

If you’ve taken any college English class, you’re probably familiar with ethos, pathos, and logos when studying rhetoric.

Now, we’re not trying to give you an English lesson. But these techniques are actually designed for a reason. In English class, you use them for rhetoric. And rhetoric is persuasion.

Using these concepts in your persuasive marketing strategy will help you to appeal to your audience in a way that drives conversions. By connecting to your audience in one of these ways, you can persuade them to buy your product.

Here’s a breakdown of each one.

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Pathos: Appealing to Emotion

It’s important to connect emotionally to your audience. Using pathos to appeal to consumers is a great way to evoke that connection.

The key is to show the audience their pain point and offer the solution.

For example, if you were selling sun tan lotion, you might show a little boy with a really nasty sunburn. You would then inform the audience that if his mom had used your brand, this little boy wouldn’t have been burnt.

Spark a feeling in your audience, whether that feeling is anger or happiness, or anything in between. Make them feel something that you can solve.


Ethos: Appealing to Authority, Trust, or Credibility

Establishing your expertise and credibility is essential to get your audience to trust you enough to buy your product.

81% of consumers research a product or service before they buy it. This is where word of mouth marketing comes in. You need to give your brand social credibility by establishing that others enjoy your product and that it works.

Here are some common ways that brands use credibility:

  • Getting a celebrity to endorse the product.
  • Reinforcing professional approval- for example, saying that 9 out of 10 dentists recommend your toothpaste.
  • Using consumer reviews. This is notorious in commercials for movies when they show quotes from critics stating it’s “the best movie of the year.”


Logos: Appealing to Logic and Reason

Giving your audience the facts is a crucial way to persuade them that your product can help improve their lives.

One of the most common ways to do this is to show your audience a fact about your product. This appeals to your audience’s sense of reason by telling them why your product is right for them.

For example, if you were selling a healthy drink, you’d tell your audience that your drink contains protein, vitamins, and nutrients that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. You could even say that your drink provides a certain percentage of their daily nutrients (as long as this is true!).

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Persuasive Marketing Strategies That Work

So how can you put ethos, pathos, and logos into practice in your marketing strategy to attract customers through social media?

A big part of this is targeting the right audience. You can’t persuade someone to do something if it has nothing to do with their lifestyle.

Don’t be distracted by the wrong numbers. You might be getting a super high reach, but that doesn’t mean that all those people care about buying your product/service. It’s better to focus on the quality of your audience over the quantity.


What is Targeted Advertising?

There are many advantages with digital marketing. Targeted advertising is one of those benefits. If you’re wondering how to reach your target audience through social media, you have to nail down your audiences.

Targeted advertising involves narrowing your target audience to include specific user demographics, behaviours, and interests to focus on.

You have to know who you’re talking to in order to create your message. That’s where marketing personas come in.

Every brand has a user persona, or multiple personas, that represent their typical customer. This is essentially a fake user profile that’s used in marketing strategies that outlines data about your target audience.

When you make ads, you focus them to that persona’s specific profile.

Let’s say you run a women’s clothing store. You wouldn’t want to waste advertising dollars sending your messages to men when they aren’t the ones buying your products. So you would create a user persona for a woman, based off the average statistics for people who buy your clothing, and target ads to women like that.

This way, you spend your advertising budget on the right people who are more likely to convert and relate to your message.

The Power of Persuasive Marketing on Social Media

How to Reach Your Target Audience on Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media platform, so it makes sense that we should focus on Facebook targeting and audience creation.

Here are some Facebook ad targeting tips you can use to make sure the right audiences see your content.

Narrow down your audience based on demographics, interests, behaviours, and areas. The more specific your targeting is, the more you’ll reach users who care about your brand. This will effectively lower your CPC.

Use Facebook custom audiences to create a retargeting strategy. This will target users who have already engaged with your products and shown interest in them, meaning they’re more likely to convert.

How to Use the Power of Persuasion to Reach Your Audience on Social Media

The Wrap

Persuasive marketing is essential to your social media strategy because this is how you reach your target market on social media. You want to appeal to your audience in a way that connects to them and makes them understand how you can help them.

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