Pinterest Content Marketing For Restaurants: A Beginners Guide

content marketing for restaurants

Content Marketing For Restaurants: Pinterest Brings ROI

Did you know that there a several ways to use content marketing for restaurants and be successful? Restaurants should all be using a slick combination of content and social media marketing along with touch of social media optimization (SMO), and of course, search engine optimization (SEO). VPDM Digital has had some success using these social marketing tactics with our client Weinkeller. You can read the case study here. One social network that has really been beneficial to Weinkeller’s social media ROI is Pinterest. In this post, I’d like to discuss how when it comes to content marketing for restaurantsPinterest is the perfect solution.

Everyone Loves Food, Especially Pinners

This may come as no surprise to you but food is one of the biggest interests on Pinterest. How big? Check this out, Pinterest hosts well over 5.7 billion (no typo!) fold related Pins and over 100 million total food boards.

Tashfeen Ahmend, part of the partner insights team at Pinterest says that keen restaurant owners and digital marketers can take advantage of the popularity of food on Pinterest by creating and posting their own compelling and sharable content. This seems so obvious to me…You?

I mean, of course food is big on Pinterest. People share #FoodPorn shots all day as well as recipes and more recipes. Some Pinterest users even share pictures of the preparation process. From my experience as a Pinterest user, and a social media marketer using Pinterest to build businesses, particularly restaurants, I can attest to how big food is on this social platform.

10 Ways How Restaurants Can Integrate Pinterest Marketing

1. Post photos of each of their plated dishes: appetizers, entrees, and deserts.

2. Pin pics of the bar taps, wine and liquor bottles.

3. Share photos of wine with a recommended wine pairing.

4. Show action photos of the kitchen staff working their magic.

5. Take a photo of a guest taking a photo of their food. Ask them for permission first!

6. Spotlight the staff. Everyone from servers to chefs. Create a simple and fun bio for each and pair that with a silly and fun photo that shows their personality.

7. Highlight new menu items.

8. Add all your blog articles to a Pin Board and share your blog posts on Pinterest.

9. Pin recipes of your own dishes or your favourite dishes outside of your restaurant.

10. Add Pins showcasing you, as the owner, lifestyle. Social media is “social” and there’s nothing wrong with sharing your personality. People love that stuff.

Just getting back to social media optimization (SMO), remember to take a minute to properly optimize each and every image you’re going to Pin. After all, Pinterest is a highly visual social platform so you’ll want your content to look amazing.

For some help prepping content for Pinning, check out these 10 tips to optimize images for Pinterest.

How Any Business Can Play With Food on Pinterest

It’s not just restaurants that can use these content marketing tactics on Pinterest. Any business can. They just need to think about how food might relate to their business and its unique offerings.

For example:

  • A hardware store could curate a board of patio recipes. Home Depot created a board of grills they sell that includes great grilling recipes.
  • A grocer could curate shopping lists for common food tastes and interests. Peapod’s Summer Produce board makes seasonal shopping easy.


But How Do I Create Awesome Graphics For Pinterest Marketing?

I say hire an awesome graphic designer like we have on the VPDM team! But if you can’t do that and prefer doing all your social media marketing graphics yourself, have we got a super tool for you. Check out Canva.

Canva is a simple, drag-and-drop, design software that’s completely online and free to use. It’s own library is home to hundreds of professionally designed social media templates (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and so much more) and visually-appealing graphics that can greatly boost your marketing efforts.

Canva features a simple drag-and-drop interface that let’s you create Pinterest graphics that will wow your audience. Try it out. It’s awesome, easy to use, and best of all, it’s free!


The Wrap

Content marketing is not only for restaurants, but restaurants in particular can really find an edge over their competitors if they invest in some solid content and social media marketing using social platforms like Pinterest as well as Facebook and Instagram.

What are your thoughts? Have you used content marketing for restaurants?

If so I’d love to hear about how your campaign went and what tactics worked for you. Please sound off in the comments.


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