Pinterest Marketing Tips: The Four Stages Brands Need To Know

pinterest marketing tips for brands and SMBsPinterest Marketing Tips For Your 2014 Social Marketing

Pinterest is a very unique social media network. When you look at the Pinterest experience for a typical user, when compared to how that same user experiences Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it’s a completely different level of participation and engagement.

It’s important for brands and SMBs to understand Pinterest, and how Pinterest marketing works. This post of Pinterest Marketing Tips will help illustrate how your brand or SMB can become part of the user experience on Pinterest.

However before you understand the best practices of Pinterest marketing it’s even more important that we understand how people use the social network distinctly different from other photo sharing social media sites.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest or just haven’t got around to testing it, using it, or becoming addicted to “Pinning” like so many other people, before diving into the Pinterest marketing tips, allow me give you some very brief background.

Wikipedia calls Pinterest “…a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, “re-pin” images to their own pinboards, or “like” photos.”

If you haven’t played with Pinterest yet, you have no idea what fun you’re missing. It will bring traffic to your website, you just need to convert the traffic into paid customers. Did you know that Pinterest Kills YouTube and Twitter combined? I have some jaw dropping stats and 10 Pinterest marketing tips coming up. Read on.

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Pinterest Marketing Tips & Stats

I came across some great Pinterest marketing stats and they would fit nicely in the article and really set up why your brand or SMB should be using Pinterest in your social media strategy.

1. Pinterest launched in March 2010.

2. There are 70 million users on Pinterest.

3. As of May 24, 2013, 80% of Pinterest users that are women.

4. As of June 2013, 35% of Pinterest unique visitors are using the app on a mobile device only.

5. It’s reported that there are about 500,000 Pinterest business accounts as of July 1, 2013.

6. 80% of total Pinterest Pins are RePins

7. Web Traffic referrals from Pinterest have grown 66.52% from September 2012 to September 2013.

8. Less than 20% of Pinterest images contain Faces.

9. Average time spent on Pinterest per visit, as of April 29, 2012, is 14.2 minutes.

10. Amount per order the average person spends on Pinterest is $140-$180.

Visit for more Pinterest statistics.

I’m guessing that after reading those stats, you’re going to want learn a few strategic Pinterest marketing tips for your brand or SMB to excel on Pinterest. If your company is already Pinning, let’s go through how your brand can be using Pinterest more effectively.


Pinterest Marketing For BusinessPinterest For Business

People will use Pinterest in so many interesting ways. For example some use the social network to plan their lives. This includes planning their wedding, their dream vacations, or maybe what they’ll make for dinner this week.

Before you understand how to use Pinterest for business, and implement these Pinterest marketing tips, it’s important to understand how and why people are using this highly visual social network in order for your business to reap the benefits.

The trick is to think about what your business has in common with your customers and prospects. You’ll need to dig in deeper with your buyer personas and come up common interests. You’ll then build Pin Boards around these interests and populate them with Pins of images related to that interest.

Examples are a food company or restaurant pinning recipes and cooking tips. A travel company is a no brainer. Pin boards on vacation planning tips, do’s ad don’t, travel destinations, etc., can be created and shared. A fashion boutique would post Pins on relevant boards relating to fashion, style, make yup, shoes, boots, bags, accessories, etc.

Also brands and businesses should be making use of Rich Pin on Pinterest. Read more on rich pins and why you need them in this post: What Are Rich Pins on Pinterest.

Pinterest shared a blog post today that discussed how users pursue their interests on Pinterest. This info is valuable for brands and SMBs, as through understanding this process of the Pinterest user experience, we can better market to them, create and post quality content they’ll find useful and will RePin. We can convert these users to paid customers by posting content to help move them further along through their buying cycle.


4 stages of PinterestPinterest User Experience: Four Stages

1. Aspiration: the moment you get inspired to pursue a specific interest (say, taking up golf)

2. Anticipation: the phase where people look into the interest and start prepping to actually do it (like, researching golf clubs).

3. Participation: (this is the fun part!) when people actually participate in the interest they’ve decided to pursue (like, playing nine holes at a local course)

4. Reflection: where people reflect on the activity, maybe by taking a photo and framing it or sharing it on a social network


Pinterest reveals that the social network is most often used in the first three stages. In order for your brand or business to be successful, you need to help people along the journey by creating and curating inspiring, useful, and relevant content.

You also need to make it easy for users to Pin directly from your website using the Pin It Button. Don’t for get your Social Media Optimization (SMO) either. Be sure to include thoughtful, keyword rich descriptions so Pinterest users can find what they’re searching for.


The Wrap

Marketing on social media shouldn’t be about obtrusive tactics where you’re interrupting the user experience in a negative way. Instead, we as social media marketers and content creators need to focus on creating quality content that fits with our buyers interests and that they find helpful and hopefully share worthy.

If digital marketers become a part of how Pinterest users pursue and participate in their interests while on Pinterest, they will have much success in increasing website traffic and driving conversions, which equal a very nice ROI.

If you’re looking for help using Pinterest for business please contact me.

If you have some additional Pinterest marketing tips, I’d love to hear them and learn more. Please share in the comments below.