5 Pinterest Marketing Tips To Reach Your Customers on Mobile

Pinterest Marketing Tips To Reach Mobile UsersPinterest Marketing Tips for Mobile

As an educated and updated social media and digital marketing professional, you already know that people are spending more and more time consuming content from their mobile device versus their desktop computer.

There are over 25 million mobile subscribers in Canada, up more than a million since 2011.

There are more mobile phones than humans in the U.S. – over 310 million.

Today, VPDM will hit you off with some Pinterest marketing tips that will show you how to reach your customers and prospects on their mobile devices using one of the top 3 social media networks in the world.

Pinterest is a great place to reach, inspire, convince, and convert customers and prospects via mobile. Pinterest knows this and that’s why they tweaked and updated their mobile application to help businesses reach these goals.

Today, more than 75% of Pinterest usage
takes place on phones and tablets.

So with that in mind, thanks to a post on the Pinterest Blog, let’s get to 5 simple ways you can reach your customers on their smartphones and tablets while their using Pinterest.


How To Use Pinterest to Convert Customers and Prospects on Mobile

Pinterest on Mobile

1. Learn how Pinterest works on mobile.

If you’re used to using Pinterest from work or a desktop computer, stop for a bit. Instead, use your phone and/or tablet to get a feel for how people experience the platform on those types of devices.

2. Make your Pins and boards mobile-friendly.

When you create boards and Pins, think about how they’ll look on mobile phones—that’s how most Pinners will see them. Makes sense.

3. Add the Pinterest mobile SDK to your app.

Pro tip: If your business has a mobile app, use Pinterest’s SDKs for iOS and Android to add Pin It buttons to images in your app.  This can help you increase your Pins and referral traffic.

4. Make your Pins search friendly.

I’ve written about how to optimize images for Pinterest, and clearly search is a huge way that people experience Pinterest. So make their mobile experience as easy as their desktop one. Use thoughtful Pin descriptions and relevant hashtags.

5. Don’t forget your own site.

Pinterest is a top traffic driver for many businesses, and since most Pinners are on mobile, it’s valuable to think about what your site looks like in that view. When people click through on a Pin to your website from their phone, what will they see? Make sure you’re giving them a good first impression. Use the Pin It Button!


Key Takeaway

If you can gain extra website traffic that you can convert into leads and conversions, why wouldn’t you? Try using these Pinterest marketing tips and see what happens.

Since people are using their mobile devices to access their favourite social networks be certain to optimize your content so it’s best suited for mobile consumption. This goes for Pinterest and every other social media network you use for your business or your client’s.

What are some of your tips and tricks for reaching customers and prospects on their mobile via Pinterest? Let me know in the comments below.


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