Website Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is an ever changing, perpetually evolving beast to say the least. Over the years we’ve grown very fond of this beast and are able to challenge this brute head on. However, along with this moster comes a ton of SEO questions and it seems many people are asking the same things.


When consulting with business in Niagara Falls and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we are always asked, “What exactly is SEO?” There are also a handful of other SEO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that get repeatedly asked by everyone from bloggers and even some SEO “experts” to business owners who are attempting to optimize their website themselves in order to increase their search engine rankings.

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Here’s a helpful list of SEO Questions with answers!

In an effort to make it easy on all of us, we’ve compiled this list from High Rankings CEO, Jill Whalen. She answers a ton of SEO questions through the High Rankings Advisor Newsletter. When we read this list we realized we also get many of these same SEO questions. The questions below are summaries of typical questions we’ve been asked. Each links to a page with the full question and answers.

  1. Why does Google hate my site?
  2. Should I bold and/or italicize my keyword phrases in my copy?
  3. Why do many top-listed pages have no content?
  4. Can search engines index dynamic sites with ? and = (query strings) in the URL?
  5. Can I change the font size of my header tags (H1, H2) without getting into trouble?
  6. If I submitted my site and it’s not showing up, does this mean it’s been banned
  7. How can I automate the link building process?
  8. Should I buy numerous keyword rich domains?
  9. What should I do about competitors who spam the search engines?
  10. Do I need to make sure my files are not buried deeply in multiple directories on my server?
  11. Should I create a blog for SEO purposes?
  12. Can SEO companies really have special relationships with the search engines like some of them claim?
  13. How can I find out how much traffic my competitor’s site receives?
  14. Should I optimize for the plural or singular form of my keyword phrases?
  15. If I have an all graphical page, where can I place keyword phrases for the search engines?
  16. Will switching server hosts affect my search engine rankings?
  17. How do I get my files indexed by the search engines after a redesign where file names have changed?
  18. Should I add a robots follow meta tag to my pages?
  19. How can we minimize traffic loss after a domain name change?


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