Facebook Moves Towards E-commerce

Shopping on Facebook Pages

There is no denying that people spend most of their time online, or rather, on their mobile devices. Sure, people use the internet to connect and friend on various social networks, but they also connect with brands and discover new products whether they want to or not.

Why Facebook Pushed For E-commerce

Advertising has flooded social platforms strategically in order to spark consumer awareness. However, advertisements take up too much time and most of the time they are irrelevant to what a consumer is looking for.

With online shopping becoming too much of a hassle due to slow web page loading or difficult navigation, a window of opportunity opens, and Facebook has clinched it.

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Attention Facebook-ers: Here’s A Shopping Feature, We Think You’ll Like it

Recently, Facebook Inc. has found a new way for advertisers to drive direct commerce from its News Feed ads. They revealed their new direction by testing user’s ability to shop and purchase products from their mobile device, without ever leaving their Facebook app.

The test product, called Canvas was released as a new experience where after clicking on an ad, people will see a fast loading and full screen page where they can browse through a variety of products, before going to the retailer’s website to purchase.

“We’re looking to give people an easier way to find products that will be interesting to them on mobile, making shopping easier and help businesses drive sales,” said Emma Rodgers, Facebook’s head of product marketing for commerce.

And that is what they did!

As this test product was well perceived by users, Facebook went ahead and debuted a ‘Shopping’ section, where all users on the social network can identify as a single space to discover, browse, share and purchase products more easily.”

Facebook Likes E-commerce
Facebook Likes E-commerce

Facebook Looks To Attract Advertisers 

Currently this shopping feed is only being tested with a limited number of U.S businesses, who in turn are also testing out the ‘Shop’ section on their Product Pages.

That means the products these retailers feature on their Shop section will also appear in the Shopping feed for those users who haven’t  “liked” that specific page or brand can see what they have available.

Even though the retailers are limited at the moment, Catherine Boyle, an analyst at EMarketer believes that Facebook “…will attract serious ad dollars with this Shop section offering.”

From Facebook’s perspective, they’re addressing a pain point for retailers, as well as consumers. Which seems like a win-win if you ask me. (And also means there will be more retailers to come.)

With advertising efforts that forecast consumer traffic, Facebook has upped their game by announcing that they will be reformatting its carousel ads that rolled out last year.

Currently, the mobile ads allow advertisers to show multiple images and links in one single ad. The update will feature a full-screen image of the advertiser’s website and support the ability to buy products from the ad as well.

Facebook Shopping Carousel Ads
Shop Application on Facebook

This is not the only thing Facebook has created to attract advertisers. Prior to the “Shop” application, businesses have been given the opportunity to target certain users based on their interests and demographics shared on Facebook. This handy tool is called “Custom Audiences.” Read more to see how pinpointing Facebook audiences can benefit your marketing strategy.

The continuous updates, features, and strides to being on the cutting edge of things, is what sets Facebook apart from other social networking platforms.

Through the integration and collaboration with heavily influential corporations, makes Facebook a very profitable, marketing and user friendly site. 

How to Shop on Facebook
Shop on Facebook


The Shop application is certainly not the first, or last step to e-commerce Facebook has taken. The platform has also added another call to action feature, “buy now,” which allows users to click and purchase products straight from Facebook.

Can buying things online be made any easier for consumers now?

As Facebook moves towards e-commerce, they hope online shoppers move towards Facebook. With Shopping now featured on the social networking site that we all spend oh so much time on and product browsing legitimately right at your fingertips, your next retail therapy session could be dangerous!

But I for one, love it. Keep up the good work Facebook!

Facebook has proven that they are a reliable source to market your business, products or services. When you’re ready to explore Facebook advertising, contact VPDM Digital Marketing to create your digital strategy!


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