Encouraging Employees to Use Cell Phones

should employees use cell phones at work

Should Employees Use Cell Phones at Work?

Immediately this does seem to go against everything employers have been telling their employees for years. Should employees use cell phones at work? Shouts of “Put away your phone!” have echoed across kitchen restaurants, winery tasting bars, and even horror house attractions.

Almost every employer in every field has been fighting to keep their employees cell phones in their bags, purses or pockets. And it has been an exhausting adjustment dealing with cell phone technology in the workplace.

For most of us, we have accepted that cell phones are not going anywhere. We now need to learn how to live with this. One option, as oppose to fighting your employees daily, is to encourage your employees to use their cell phones to help benefit the business.

The Productivity of Cell Phones at Work

Your employees are the heart of your business. They are the front line connection to your customers, your behind the scenes heroes who make sure everything is perfect and with a little out of the box thinking they can be your marketing team too.

The benefits of encouraging employees to use cell phones to take pictures are many.

Here are a few of the greatest value adds you will get from having in house, all hours photographers – your employees and their cell phones.

Original Photos Makes Fresh Content

1)   Having original stills can keep your social media and marketing material fresh and new. An important aspect of social media marketing is consistency.

Always looking for new, engaging items to share can be tiring. But when you have your staff adding to your bank of options every day you can always have a large selection of fresh exciting pictures to choose from.

Timely Content Creation to Amplification

2)   These pictures will always be current as well. This will help with timely and up to date content.

Want to say thank you to your sponsors for the incredible event held this past weekend? If your staff were snapping pictures you’ll have a great selection of photos ready and waiting for you to share.

Say Goodbye to Pricey Stock Images

3)   You won’t have to worry about paying for expensive stock images. And the images you’re showing off will be actual pictures from your business.

Whether it’s food service on a Wednesday night or shots of your customers having an amazing time learning about your product, these pictures are priceless!

Your employees are the people who get to see these priceless moments everyday. By encouraging them to photograph it you can utilize an asset you may have been missing out on.


How to Encourage Employees to Take Photos

When it comes to actually encouraging your employees you may not need to push too hard. But a little creativity can help you maximize your rewards.

1)   Consider having a weekly contest for the best picture taken by a staff member. Bringing some friendly competition into play can challenge them to work on their photography skills. Most people love taking and sharing pictures. This comes natural to tech natives and by utilizing their skills you will help increase the quality of the pictures.

2)   Use the pictures in your décor. Show off the artwork from you team. These pictures will have more meaning and your staff will have memories to share with guests about the pictures.

3)   They can help keep track of your history. Over time you can build an amazing collection of pictures. Posting older pictures could give repeat guests a thrill when they recognize themselves in pictures around your establishment.

Your social media manager and marketing manager will love having the photos, you will love the decrease in cost of stock photos. And everyone will love how less stressful the workplace is when your able to relax and embrace the cell phones at work.

Don’t fight the craze, make it work for you!

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