5 Ways To Use Snapchat For Business Marketing

How to use Snapchat for business marketing

Snapchat is emerging to be a formidable force is in social media marketing. Especially if brands are wanting to engage and convert the highly coveted, influential, and lucrative millennials demographic. How does a business use Snapchat for marketing, social engagement, and lead generation? Read on for the 5 essential tactics to use Snapchat for business marketing.

5 Creative Ways Your Business Can Use Snapchat to Increase Social Media Engagement

How you do you use Snapchat for business marketing? Maybe the better question is, do you use Snapchat to market your business? Although Snapchat can be viewed as the “new kid on the block” in the world of popular social media platforms, you should consider adding it to your digital marketing mix. Today I’m going to tell you why.

I understand that Snapchat might seem like a futile marketing platform considering its users send and consume photos or short video messages that expire after a predetermined period of time. Because of this, many businesses find it difficult to see the benefits of using Snapchat in their digital strategy.

Snapchat is one of the most popular downloaded Apps for iPhone and Android smartphones.

That’s why I want to show you 5 ways your business can use Snapchat to not only humanize your company and connect with your customers and new prospects.

Before we get in to that, to further illustrate why your business can benefit from using Snapchat to humanize your brand, make new product announcements, and differentiate yourself from your competition, check some of the latest statistics from Snapchat.


snapchat statistics
5 Mindblowing Snapchat Stats

5 Mind-blowing Snapchat Statistics

  • 100 million monthly active users (8.26.14)
  • Almost 70% of Snapchat users are women
  • 400 million snaps are sent each day (11.20.13)
  • 12% of Snapchat snaps are shared with multiple recipients
  • 71% of Snapchat users are under 25 years old



5 Effective Ways to Use Snapchat for Business


1. Short Engaging Videos That Answer Customer Questions

Micro-format, short form video will be all the rage for marketing businesses online in 2015. This type of media is a super awesome way for companies to communicate with their audience. Can you imagine getting real time assistance like this?

For example, let’s say you purchased a piece of software that you were having difficulty installing on your computer. If there was a quick and easy way for the company to show you the “quick install” option, or even how to quickly configure custom options, a short video that demo’s how to take this action would be a great way to answer the question while delighting customers with your service.

Another issue could be a user trying to find your location. If you’re retail space happens to be hard to find, you can send a snap of where exactly your store is located. You can also let customers in on a special offer you have, say “like us on Facebook and receive 10% off” simply by sending a snap with the offer and link.


2. Take Advantage of Behind-The-Scenes Content

People love behind-the-scenes stuff. I was just discussing this with my staff at VPDM Digital (St. Catharines, ON), when we were shooting on location at a client’s hotel property. We were interviewing their new executive chef and were treated to some hilarious and useful behind-the-scenes content of the kitchen staff prepping for an event later that day.

One of my favourite examples of a brand rocking behind-the-scenes content is from the Philadelphia Eagles NFL Football team. They started their own Snapchat account and quickly gained 7,000 fans in the first week by keeping fans connected to their favourite football team.

The Eagles snaps include promos for new products and apparel fans can find in stores, as well as behind-the-scenes pictures and videos like various players singing “What Does the Fox Say?”



3. Promote New Product Releases

Ever think of using Snapchat to introduce new products or services? Me neither. But it’s an awesome idea, right? Especially if your target demographics are tweens, teens, and millennials.    

Geordie Shore and MTV Snapchat

A good example of how a brand can introduce a new product on Snapchat is what MTV did to promote their show Geordie Shore during the Summer of 2013. They asked fans to friend them on the show’s Snapchat and those that did, started receiving exclusive videos and photographs leading up to the UK reality show’s sixth season premiere. You can bet this campaign was successful, and not because it’s MTV. This campaign worked as planned well because MTV’s marketing team, or marketing agency, knew exactly how to knock this promo out of the park by using the target audience’s preferred platform. Snapchat allowed them to tease storylines in a new way, that appealed to the target, and also brought promotional material right to their hands – i.e. smartphones.    

4. Snapchat Photo Contests

  Photo contests on social media are nothing new. We’ve done photo contest on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with a handful of our clients, as I’m sure you have as well. Having said that, running a photo content on Snapchat is unique.   We haven’t done this yet, but let’s say we wanted to host a themed photo contest for our long time client, Nightmares Fear Factory, in Niagara Falls Canada. If you’re familiar with their 2011 viral campaign, you understand that they have a very visual product that lends itself well to social media engagement.       We could possibly host a quick themed photo contest and set silly criteria for how the photos will be judged. After each entry, we’d take a screen shot and then post the entries on the brand’s Snapchat Stories feed for everyone to see for 24 hours. The next day, we’d pick a winner.  



5. Access to Exclusive Content or Perks

Exclusive content just works. Similar to the behind-the-scenes content, users engage with this type of stuff. It’s a win-win social strategy. You business has the opportunity to connect with your customers and qualified prospects in a way that they are comfortable with, while providing them with value.

Heineken used this strategy very well at a recent Coachella Music Festival. They used Snapchat to engage concert go-ers with exclusive content. Only available to those at the festival that were following the brand.

Users would get clues sent in snaps about artists making special exclusive guest appearances. They asked fans to snap back their guess. If they guessed correctly, Heineken’s social media team sent them a snap back with the secret info on where and when they can catch the special guest on change.



The Wrap

Snapchat is not a social platform your brand should ignore. Particularly if you’re targeting young women, between the ages of 12-25. Forward thinking, ROI driven brands, companies, and small businesses have a lot to gain from a targeted Snapchat social media strategy.

With over 100 million monthly active users who send 400 million snaps each day, there is a super opportunity to connect with engaged customers. Offering exclusive, behind the scenes content, announcing new products, and running promotional contests.

Trust me when I say Snapchat marketing is a total win-win. Just be sure you’re providing value in return. It’s all about creating and sharing quality content that provides useful information and overall value to the user.


If you’d like to discuss your social media marketing strategy or how to develop an engaging Snapchat promotion, contact me today and let’s get started.



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