When Was Social Media First Invented?

when was social media first introduced

Was social media even called social media in 2004? I say it wasn’t. It’s not that difficult to find resources about the history of social media or the definition of social media, but it is challenging to pinpoint where and when was social media first invented.

The same can be said for using marketing in social media marketing, ie. the history social media marketing. This article will help to illustrate how social media was first invented and it’s going to be more useful than a simple history of social media pdf.

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History of Social Media Timeline

MySpace LogoBefore we get to that, social media started initially for users. Once millions of users around the world adopted social media, which in the early days was essentially sites like Friendster and MySpace, large brands, big companies, and many small to medium sized business saw an incredible promotional opportunity.

Promoting products and services on Facebook was easy back in the day. After their initial IPO in May 2012, Facebook had “officially” began its minimization strategy. By controlling and diminishing the large organic reach brands had established over the years, Facebook was ready to introduce Facebook Advertising and Sponsored Page posts.

It has only been 10 years since Zuckerberg founded Facebook and by February 2015, YouTube will celebrate a decade of free videos and new school internet celebrities. You’ll notice that both are doing very well monitoring their respective social platforms. Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are all doing the same as well.


How Social Media Has Evolved Since 2004

I built my first website in 2004 and also set up my own SEO strategy. I was using MySpace and LastFM to promote new releases, remixes, and shows for music artists. Essentially, I was doing the same thing then as I am now. Creating content to promote a product or service, optimizing that content, sharing and engaging via social media, and helping to push qualified prospects though the funnel, ultimately converting them into paid customers.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at the history of social media and social media marketing since 2004. This infographic created by MediaVision outlines a 2004-2014 timeline of the history of social media and also adds updated user statistics for 2014.

when was social media first invented - timeline infographic
When Was Social Media First Introduced?


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