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social media management tools for 2016

Best Social Media Management Tools 2016

Social media marketing is becoming the best way for businesses to advertise their new products and increase their fan base. Having the right social media management tools is key as well as having presence on the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

The only tricky thing is knowing how businesses are juggling all these social media accounts at one time and still being able to increase their reach and engagement. Well, here’s how.

Social Media Management Software

As a social media marketing coordinator at VPDM Digital, I use some incredible social media management tools that allow me to effectively execute our content, search, and social marketing strategy.

Here’s my list of the top social media management software programs that social media gurus are keen on using to engage with customers and increase brand awareness:

1. Buffer

Buffer is the easiest way to schedule content and across every social media platform. Buffer is a virtual queue where you can schedule and fill content posts throughout the day. Thus allowing you to have real time posts as well as posts in the future.

This helps businesses have content constantly flowing through their social media for weeks at a time while not having to worry about posting manually.

The super awesome Buffer mobile app also provides you with analytics about your engagement and reach of each post.

social media management tools buffer VPDM Digital Marketing St. Catharines, ON

2. HootSuite

HootSuite is one of the most popular social media management tools for business. It enables you to execute campaigns across multiple social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook from just one dashboard.

HootSuite enables you to track conversationsfollowers, messages, favorites, mentions and so on in one page without having to redirect your page. This super user friendly program is key for businesses and extremely helpful when managing your social media content.  

Daniel Zeevi also loves social media management tools and he explains why they are important here.

social media management hootsuite Hamilton, ON

3. Tweepi

Tweepi is a very unique management tool used for twitter that lets you virtually flush unfollowers, find new followers, and clean up your following base. This is a super useful site to help you control your follow/following ratio and clean up unnecessary accounts that are useless to you and your business.

Albert Costil thinks social media management tools are key to successful social media pages. Check out what he has to say about them here.

social media management tools 2015 tweepi VPDM Digital Marketing GTA

4. Schedugram

Schedugram is a social media management tool that allows you to manage multiple Instagram accounts and schedule images and videos to spread out your visual content. It acts as a virtual queue which enables you to have content scheduled for weeks and months at time.

You have the option of posting your content in real time or scheduling them for a later time when you think is best for your company.

social media management software schedugram VPDM Digital Marketing St.Catharines, ON

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is a web based management tool that is used for project management. It allows you to set up to-do lists for every project you have going on. Having an internal drive on the site allows data to be shared right on the site rather than stored and shared on your computer.

You can share all your documents and images right on any thread or on the to-do section on Basecamp allowing easy access for download or viewing. Having all these functions in one place is what makes this software such a powerful tool.

free social media management tools 2015 basecamp VPDM Digital Marketing

6. Toggl

Toggl is a essentially a tracking software. Toggl tracks time based on tasks and projects, either through a real-time tracker or through manual entry. Toggl enables you to track the time you spent on each project or task and how long you’ve been working each day/week.

At the end of each week it will show you a breakdown report on how many hours each day you spent working. This is an awesome software to track your time spent on each task.

social media management tools free toggl VPDM Digital Marketing

Social Media Management Tools Conclusion

If you’re trying to survive on social media without all of these software programs it’s time you start. These Tools are essential for your business to succeed on social media.

Keep in mind that while many offer free options, you’re likely to get more out of your social media marketing and management by testing the paid versions and exploring which paid options work for your business.

They ensure you always have content scheduled and ready to go for customers to engage which will in turn increase reach. They also continue to keep you and your business organized and that’s essentially all you need for advertising on social media.

Now that you know some awesome tools, here’s 10 social media tips to fire up your business growth.

VPDM Digital Marketing Can Help You Get Started

Having troubles getting started with your social media marketing and figuring out what management tools will ultimately help you the most? We have your solution.

We can help you grow as a business on any social media platforms from twitter and Facebook, to Instagram and Pinterest etc.

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