Social Media Marketing For Car Salesman: 3 Simple Video Marketing Ideas That Work

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Marketing Ideas For Small Car Dealerships

Digital marketing has a valuable place when it comes to car dealership marketing strategies and creative automotive marketing ideas. Social media marketing for car salesmen and dealerships seems like an obvious win, doesn’t it?

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are highly visual social platforms where many marketing ideas for small car dealerships can easily be executed.

If your social media campaigns are targeted well, to the right audiences, at the right time, on the right device, they will receive tons of qualified engagement and leads.

Social media video advertising is a wide open opportunity for local automotive dealers and your salespeople.

Since the automotive industry is facing challenging times and many experts forecast that full-year sales for 2018 will be down as compared to 2017, now’s the time to put your smartphones to good use and let technology keep your hopper full of highly qualified leads.

If not only for the super economical cost per video view on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, then certainly for the retargeting/remarketing opportunity to build your conversion funnel.

So what are car dealerships and car salesmen to do when it comes to generating new and return business?

We have assembled the following list of 3 automotive marketing ideas, examples, and other marketing strategies for selling cars to help small to medium-sized car dealerships increase monthly revenue.

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Video Marketing Strategy For Selling Cars

Before we get into detailing proven marketing ideas for your car salesmen, let’s remember that challenging markets in any industry typically present super duper opportunities. I’d expect that savvy GM’s at car dealerships are starting to realize this.

For example, look at this Chrysler dealership in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. David Kelleher of David Auto, says:

“Last year, in a declining market, I increased my profits by 37%. I spent less money and sold more cars than I have in 25 years.”

This video explains how David was able to achieve this increase in profit. Watch to reveal his secret or read my explanation below the video.

Social Media Marketing For Car Salesman

So what was David’s secret to increase his profits by 37%? He started using a strategic approach to his social media marketing for his car dealership.

His strategy was to use video ads on YouTube!

Its no secret video ads are all the rage for many modern digital advertisers, get much higher social engagement, and are a fraction of the cost for image-based ads.

David goes on to say the following about using YouTube as part of his social media marketing for selling cars:

“When we began taking our messages to YouTube audiences, our internet leads went up by 26% and our in-store traffic by 22%.”

A solid social media marketing and advertising strategy that’s designed specifically for your dealerships and your car salesmen can help your dealership the same way it helped David Auto.


Simply because over 75% of auto shoppers say that online video has influenced their shopping habits or purchases. Video engages your new car prospects throughout the entire sales funnel.

That means your target market is more than likely using social media to research their auto purchases.

Videos on YouTube are likely a popular source of information for your customers to research the cars they are interested in purchasing.

Let’s take a look at the best car dealership marketing strategies for 2019, and you can bet video will be the first one!

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Video Marketing Strategy For Selling Cars

If you’re a traditional car dealership or if your GM is a traditional car dealer, it may seem odd to use YouTube as a social media marketing platform to sell cars.

Traditional car dealerships rely on print and TV advertising. But times they are a changing and many car dealerships have embraced social media as one of their main advertising platforms.

This means getting each and every salesperson on your showroom floor up to speed with the latest social media marketing strategies for car salesmen and saleswomen.

If your team is digital and smartphone savvy, you’re all set.

If you need social media marketing training for your sales team, we offer that! Check out our social media training service.

1. Video Marketing on YouTube to Sell Cars

The idea is to utilize video advertising to drive discovery and awareness of your vehicles.

I think it’s safe to say that any one of your prospects in the market for a new or used car uses Google or Bing search to research cars before purchasing, right?

Statistics show that over 40% of auto shoppers who used online video for research said that it helped them discover a vehicle they weren’t previously aware of or considering!

Video marketing for car dealers is the perfect way to connect with your target customers who are already thinking about making a new or used car purchase.

Even if they haven’t heard about your dealership or the selection of cars you have in stock, they are still in the market to buy so YouTube, where they do their research, is a super great place to hit them with your messaging.

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This is exactly what Volvo discovered when it used digital video to launch its new XC60. This model is new and just won North American Utility Vehicle of the Year.

Volvo was hoping that this accolade would help them catch the engagement of the SUV crowd as well as other prospects that were in the market for a new SUV.

They also used strategic remarketing and targeted all prospects that had previously visited an auto website or any other dealership website.

Based on the fact that digital video advertising allows car dealers to reach hyper-specific audiences this campaign resulted in a double-digit increase in product awareness and brand recall for Volvo.

In addition, this campaign also more than doubled the number of searches for “XC60” across both Google Search and YouTube.

Here’s the video for this campaign:

2. Automotive Video Ads Allow Prospects To Compare & Contrast Options

So discovery is certainly a key benefit of video advertising for car dealerships, and because of this YouTube is making it easier for people to compare options as they research vehicles.

YouTube has a ton (understatement!) of video content so users have no problem with finding relevant information to make comparisons.

You should feel free to post professional comparison videos as well as salesman/user-generated videos.

Imagine posting videos showing an interior and exterior tour of any of your vehicles to any interested parties. This enables shoppers to research and experience your dealership’s vehicles in a new. modern, and more immersive ways.

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In fact, some people in the market to purchase a new/used car have said that they want to hear the good and the bad about the car. They like to see how cars perform in sub-optimum conditions as well.

For example, Subaru used digital video ads to drive consideration of its Impreza model among young people who are entering new life stages like having a baby, going off to college, etc.

Car dealers should use video in these cases because video is such a versatile and immersive format that it allows brands to connect with consumers in more non-traditional and more interesting ways.

The video below illustrates Subaru’s relevant and timely message which helped their product be top of mind as its audience was considering which brand to buy. This campaign also resulted in double increases in consideration metrics and search interest for the Impreza.

3. Automotive Video Advertising Gets Hot Customers to the Dealers Lot

So we’ve learned that video advertising for car dealerships facilitates discovery and exploration. Now we’re going to show you how video advertising encourages people to take action!

After all, advertising is great and raising awareness is awesome but it all means nothing if you’re not selling any cars.

Google reports that of the users who used video during the research process, over 60% reported visiting a car dealership or dealer website after watching a video of a vehicle they were considering.

An example for this car dealership marketing strategy is made by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. They turned to digital video advertising on YouTube to promote its annual Jeep Celebration event.

They collaborated with one of their certified providers, UnityWorks and 300 of its Jeep dealers to measure foot traffic at all dealerships. This was done to determine the offline impact of its online video ads.

This campaign had very impressive results. Fiat Chrysler reported that the video campaign drew more than 50,000 visitors to its Jeep dealerships in just 6-weeks.

Check out this clip of the Jeep Celebration Event at Daytona Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM & FIAT

Social Media Video For Car Dealership and Salespeople

If you want to sell more cars next month or next year, we highly advise you to lean in on using social media advertising to generate leads and help you reach this goal.

As this article clearly illustrates, video advertising should be the focus of your car dealerships marketing ideas in the coming months.

If you’re not as tech savvy as the next car salesperson but you’re willing to learn, we offer social media training for car dealerships and salespeople.

Follow the link above to find out more about how our team can train your team to use social media to increase leads and their monthly car sales.

If you’d like some help in managing your video marketing strategy, tips on the latest car dealership marketing ideas, or a complete YouTube advertising strategy, please contact us today to start the conversation.

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