Social Media Marketing Services in Niagara Falls & St. Catharines

With the number of Social Media Marketing Services in Niagara Falls & St. Catharines, many local businesses in the Niagara Region are realizing they need to step up their game with regards to social marketing. The tourism business is clearly a major industry for the city and they have been cautiously dipping their toes into the digital marketing space.

Introducing Social Media Marketing in Niagara Falls Hotels

I played a part introducing social media marketing services in Niagara Falls when working with the Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa in 2008. They had never used social media to drive revenue and I saw opportunity glaring me right in the eye. It ended up being successful in that we expanded our database, started to engage with potential and returning customers through Facebook and Twitter, extended our monthly promotional offers to them, helped our search engine optimization (SEO), and ultimately “put butts in beds” which led to increased revenue.

Digital Media vs Print Media Advertising

I’ve spent some time sharing my take on social media marketing services in Niagara Falls & St. Cathariens with other marketing and SEO professionals and we agreed that local businesses need to re-evaluate their marketing and start seriously considering their digital strategy. The time is now to begin a social media marketing campaign as opposed to always allocating budgets to the yellow pages book and newspaper advertising.

How many people are looking at a phone book or reading a newspaper when compared to how many people are logged into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or are searching on Google? For that matter, when was the last time you looked through a phone book let alone even saw one anywhere? When was the last time you read a newspaper? Name me one ad you recall seeing. I think you get my point.

Facebook and Twitter Advertising

Ever heard of Facebook’s Sponsored Posts or Twitter’s Promoted Tweets? These forms of paid advertising can be very effective depending on the amount of fans and followers you have. It’s also not as expensive as you may think and you have total control over daily budget. It’s very similar to Google AdWords but I feel it’s even better.

Why is Facebook and Twitter Advertising better than Google AdWords?

Let me ask you this. When was the last time you saw and clicked on a paid Google search listing? I think users are more likely to click on a Sponsored Tweet and Promoted Post (in that order) because of how the way the ads are displayed. They are displayed on your own personal timeline – be it Facebook or Twitter. This is home for you. This is your domain. Relatively speaking of course because as we all know, you can’t customize your social profiles nearly as much as some brands would like. Anyway my point is the user is comfortable there.

Having said that some may find it an intrusion to have advertising pop up in their respective timelines but I don’t think that’s a big concern yet. Again this may have to do with the way they are each displayed. Check out the examples below. Note that at the bottom of each it discreetly indicates the tweet is “Promoted” and the post is “Sponsored”.

Twitter’s Promoted Tweet

Social Media Marketing Services in Niagara Falls

Facebook’s Sponsored Post

Social Media Marketing Services in Niagara Falls

Don’t Forget Search Engine Marketing

When discussing a client’s social media marketing strategy I like to remind them that it’s not just Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, and popular new kids on the block, Instagram and Pinterest. You must have a Google+ Page as well as a Goggle Local (Google Places) Page for your business. Examples of many social media marketing services in Niagara Falls andSt. Cartharines that don’t push this surprise me. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s overlooked. It’s GOOGLE people! If you’re active, post engaging content and have well optimized, keyword rich information and posts on tour Google+ page and your Google Local Listing you will more than likely show up high in search rankings for your targeted keywords.

If you haven’t done an extensive keyword audit or have spent little time on search engine optimization (SEO) and maintenance, you should certainly get that part of your house in order before launching a social media marketing campaign. Here’s a post I wrote explaining 6 key points to consider when setting up your digital strategy.

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We provide social media marketing services in Niagara Falls & St. Catharines, content marketing strategy and execution, search engine marketing (SEM) including search engine optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords campaigns. If you’d like to discuss some options please contact us. We’d love to help you build your business through Content, Search, and Social Digital Marketing.


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