5 Social Media Marketing Trends 2015

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The Ones To Watch: Social Media Marketing Trends 2015

If you’re gearing up for some results driven social media marketing strategy for 2015, you’ve landed on the right page. What should we expect from social media and content marketing this year? How about changes in real-time marketing, social media ad spending, and the emergence of large, new social platforms that are helping to oust Facebook as the king of all social media platforms.

2014 has been a big year for internet marketing. Social media alone has caused significant disruption with many marketing departments for small, medium, and large companions. If fact, one of my most popular articles of the year is one that spells out exactly how social media has changed in 2014.


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What To Expect From Social Media in 2015

After researching what social media experts have been writing about social media in 2015, it seems that real-time marketing will be redefined. I’m actually quite excited about this marketing trend.

According to the infographic below, 36% of chief marketing officers say their biggest social media and content marketing challenge for this past year, 2014, was be creating fresh, timely content.


Social & Content Marketing Strategy is Vital

These CMO’s and their internal marketing managers should take a page, and some advice, from outside social media agencies and consultants. For example, strategy is a huge part of social media and content marketing. Instead of focusing on real time content, the focus should be placed on producing and publishing timely content at the right time.

This is where content marketing strategy comes into play, especially after Google’s latest Panda 4.1 algorithm update.

In 2015, digital marketers and content creators should focus on having the right content to share with the right audiences at the right time. If this is a big challenge for your business, VPDM Digital Marketing can help you with our results driven content + search + social marketing strategy.

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Social Media Ad Spends are Increasing

If you’ve been creating quality content and managing a few social media profiles for your client’s or your own business, you’ve no doubt realized that if you want to play on Facebook, you’ll need to pay for that privilege.

Pay for play is the new norm for social media marketing in Facebook. Organic reach is dead and has been for some time now. Back in June 2014, Facebook explained the declining organic reach this way.

Social media advertising works, if it’s targeted and managed well. You need a comprehensive strategy and content to support that strategy. I’ve seen increases in reach, engagement, website traffic, and conversions with spending $300-$500/month on Facebook Ads.


Content Marketing Will Continue To Grow

This one should be no secret. Create quality content that speaks to the needs, issues, problems, and challenges your prospects and customers are facing. Provide them with the answer by ensuring your quality content is written for users and optimized for search engines.

With content creation, budgets, and focused strategies on the rise, marketers will place greater emphasis on measuring ROI and the effectiveness of their content.
Facebook Overtakes YouTube for Video

In August of 2014, Facebook officially passed YouTube for desktop video views for the first time ever! Guess what the difference was…Almost One Billion more views.

Users love to consume easily consumable content. Videos are the perfect way for marketers to engage with their customers and create demand. Facebook will overtake YouTube more so in 2015, to read more on why, check this article.


The Decline of Facebook

Facebook is no longer the king of all engagement. The visual web is on the rise and set to take over in 2015. Make sure your social media marketing strategy includes other emerging platforms. Make sure you’re where your target audience is.

Instagram engagement is up 416% in just two tears! Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram each gained more than 10MM visitors in 2014.

As social media platforms mature and new platforms that are essentially niche social networks appear, Facebook will continue to be less impactful for certain types of audiences. Facebook will not always be the best social platform for every business to connect and engage fans.


The Wrap

Social media will always be changing. We had many important changes in social media marketing in 2014, and many of these changes altered your content marketing strategy. It’s important to keep up on these changes and alter your marketing accordingly.

For more details on what to expect in 2015, see the infographic below.

Would love to know what you think 2015 has in store for social media marketers.

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social media marketing trends 2015
Social Media Marketing Trends 2015


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