10 Social Media Tips To Fire Up Your Business Growth

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These Social Media Tips Are The Catalyst

Social Media Marketing is clearly essential for many large brands and SMB’s. It allows companies to monitor brand reputation, reach out and engage with customers, and also form relationships with future prospective customers. But setting up and maintaining your company’s social media marketing strategy is not an easy task. How about some useful social media tips? We have them for you.

VPDM is here to help you to navigate your way into social media marketing, strategy and execution. With the help of some ideas we found on Hootsuite’s Blog, we have 10 social media tips for small to medium businesses as well as large brands.

We’ve borrowed a few and added our own thoughts. If you’re looking to get an edge on your competition, maybe boost your search engine rankings, or increase your social media engagement, follow these social media tips and tricks.


1. Use Social Media To Sell Your Product

Sure social media is all about the conversations and the relationships with your prospects and customers. But it also can be used to sell your product and close the deal.

The key to successful social media community management has always revolved around listening, engaging, solving problems, and making the sale. The latter is the key for many businesses.

Social media is a selling tool as well as a relationship builder. These days you can reach customers, in real-time, during any stage of their buying cycle. Whether they are researching options or ready to purchase, you can scale your sales efforts accordingly by using social media effectively.

Here’s how to use social media to sell your products and services:


+ Listen To What People are Saying

One of the most important pieces of advice any decent social media consultant will tell you is that you must listen. Monitoring social media platforms for mentions of your brand or business name can provide valuable information. You should also monitor mentions of your competitors to see what’s being said about them.

Through regular listening, you can answer questions, respond to complaints, and offer customers and prospects feedback, special offerings, and valuable, relevant content. Through these interactions, you’ll learn more about your customers, more about your business, and be able to improve on your products, services, and customer relationships.


+ Make Use Of Different Social Platforms

One thing I’ve learnt over the last 8 years doing social media and content marketing is that every social platform has a unique audience with their own levels of engagement. Some social platforms work really well for some business, while others don’t fair as well on popular “go-to” social media sites like Facebook, but do extremely well on up and coming social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

It’s important for your brand to test your content and your social media marketing strategies on different platforms and see what works best for you. For example Twitter is a real-time information source, which is perfect for prospecting new customers. If you search for relevant hashtags and keywords, you’re able to find people talking about their needs and have the opportunity to reach out, engage, and offer your help.

Facebook on the other hand is best used to engage with an existing community of fans, followers, and customers. You can remain top of mind with this market with daily posts, asking for feedback, and running contests. If your content is highly visual, you’ll also want to spend time testing that content on highly visual social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.


+ Help Solve Problems

When you’re monitoring social media platforms, and truly listening to your customers and prospects, you’ll realize that you’ll have many chances to reach out and offer your help and expertise. This gives you the perfect opportunity to engage with potential customers, wherever they are in the buying cycle, and with your expertise, you can help move them along the funnel.

Link to useful articles on your blog, link to useful content you have available for download, such as ebooks, podcasts, vlogs, or slideshare decks. If you can help someone solve one of their digital marketing challenges, you may be able to convert them into a regular customer.


2. Increase Twitter Followers To Boost Your Reach

Increase Your Twitter Followers Boost EngagementTwitter can be an extremely useful social media marketing tool when used effectively. For my agency, VPDM, and for our clients, we’ve managed to leverage the content we create for Twitter, and increase sharing, social signals, website traffic, and ultimately conversions/ROI.

The key is to build an engaged and relevant following. SMB’s can benefit from a qualified Twitter following by utilizing these fundamental concepts:

+ Follow Relevant Tweeps

Your search for these types of Twitter followers is two fold. You should focus on experts in your niche. Thought leaders who are on the pulse of everything. You should also search for potential customers. People tweeting about your products and services, or people tweeting about a problem they have that your products and services can easily solve.


+ Create and Master The Your Brand’s Social “Voice”

It takes a bit of time, strategy, and skill to develop and maintain your brand’s voice on social media. You should always tweet in a tone that is not only your style, but the style of your brand. Publish and tweet content that your audience finds compelling, useful, and sharable.

Control your content by creating relevant, possibly keyword rich, hashtags. For our client, Nightmares Fear Factory, we created #NFFscaresme for general stuff and #InstaFEAR for their Instagram posts. We also use #ScareBros for photo’s of scared men going through the haunted attraction as those are a very popular micro-niche with Nightmares’ FEAR pics.


+ Engage! Social Media is a Two Way Street

Your daily schedule should include monitoring your Twitter timeline, your keywords, and your brand or companyname. Be sure to favourite, retweet, or reply to any one who mentions you or your brand. Always remember to be relevant and useful.


+ Add Twitter Widgets and Follow Buttons on Your Website

It’s essential that you promote your Twitter account on your website. It’s easy to add a Twitter icon somewhere on your home page but don’t stop there. You should have links to your social profiles in your footer – globally throughout the site.

You will also need a “Follow Me On Twitter” widget in the sidebar or other global position. This allows users to follow your brand on Twitter, without having to leave your website.

You also must have social sharing buttons on all your sharable content – especially blog articles. Make it easy for users to not only follow your social profiles, but also to share you content – both directly from your website.


3. Schedule Tweets For Maximum Impact

schedule tweets for maximum impactSo when is the best time for you to tweet? You need to figure out when your followers on online and on Twitter.

A tool I like to use for this data is Tweriod. This is a free Twitter tool that helps you make the most of Twitter by letting you know the best time to tweet. Very useful for knowing when to tweet or when to schedule your social posts.

The key is to post at times when your content will receive the most engagement. Usually when most of your followers are online. Provided your content is awesome, relevant, and sharable.


4. Get You and Your Brand on LinkedIn

If you’re using LinkedIn, you’ve already connected to an entire network of professionals, potential clients, new hires, and industry thought leaders in a way that differs from other social media platforms. On LinkedIn, you’re able to connect to influential, like-minded people in a “brand-focused” way.

how to use linkedin for business

+ How You Should Use LinkedIn – 4 Steps

1. Use this platform to establish your social media presence. Share your content there!

2. You can attract fans, clients, and potential new hires with a solid profile, publishing quality content.

3. Reach out and engage with people who follow you. You’ll be surprised how some simple networking on LinkedIn can lead to new business or new creative ideas.

4. You will be able to amplify your message to a targeted, qualified audience.


5. Improve Your Facebook Engagement

Facebook has given us social media marketers a rough ride over the last year. Facebook post reach is drastically decreasing making it more challenging for brands to reach their full number of fans. Creative SMBs can still take advantage of Facebook’s massive following and engagement levels.

While managing your company Twitter feed and LinkedIn company pages, your Facebook Page can also showcase your brand in amazing ways. The key is the content you’re creating.

Content marketing on Facebook is simple. Executing the content marketing strategy can be challenging.

There are 4 main points to remember when creating content for Facebook:


+ Post Interesting Visual Content

Studies have shown that Facebook posts with images have more engagement than posts with just text. Always have a captivating and compelling image to go along with any text in a Facebook Page post.


+ Establish Your Brand Voice

Set a tone and stick with it. Be sure your brand’s personality is clear and consistent.


+ You Don’t Need To Post Multiple Times Everyday

Many Facebook best practices say to post just once a day. I personally think it depends on many factories from the brand posting to the time of year, to many other factors. Having said that, I believe posting 1-2 times a day is more than enough for most brands, generally speaking.


+ Schedule Your Facebook Posts For Optimal Impact

As mentioned above with Tweets, Facebook also provides analytics to show you when your fans are online. Go to your Page’s Facebook Insights and click on “posts” in the top menu. There you’ll see when most of your followers are on line broken down by date and time.


Facebook Insights Example: Post Analytics


Social Media Will Ignite Your Growth

I’m pretty sure you’d be happy to grow your existing local business. If you’re like four out of 5 other small businesses, you’re already using social media in your marketing mix. Good for you!

To further emphasize the point of these social media tips, let’s take a look at statistics I found on HeidiCohen.com, that show how social media can fuel your SMBs growth.

This data was mined by LinkedIn and market research group TNS. They surveyed financial decision makers at 998, hyper growth mode SMBs, that have annual revenues of $1 million to $49.9 million for their Priming the Economic Engine report.

  • 81% of SMBs currently use social media for marketing purposes to engage with prospects and current customers, build their brand, influence buying decisions, make targeted offers, and provide customer service. 9% of SMBs plan to use social media in the future.
  • 56% of SMBs increased social media spend in the past year.
  • 61% of SMBs use social media to source new customers, the top SMB business challenge. Over 40% SMBs use social media to retain existing customers.
  • 49% of SMBs use social media to learn from peers, experts and/or partners for better informed decisions.
  • 37% of SMBs used social media to research and consider buying financial products.


The Wrap

As you see, some creative and smart SMBs are using social media in many different ways to help grow their business.

Some takeaways are that you should use social media to engage with customers and prospects that are at any stage of their buying cycle.

Use your quality content and share it via social media to help guide customers through the marketing funnel. Don’t simply just focus on the top end of the funnel. If you do, you’re doing yourself, your business, and your brand a disservice.

If you operate a SMB or manage a SMB’s social media marketing, I’d love to discuss how you’ve used social media to grow your business. Please let us know in the comments below.

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To read the full Top 10 Social Media Tips To Help Fuel The Growth of Your Business follow this link or view the slideshare deck below.


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