Canada Introduces Sponsored Instagram Ads for Business

Sponsored Instagram Ads: The New Way To Advertise VPDM Digital Marketing St. Catharines

Sponsored Instagram Posts For Canadian Companies

I’m sure you’ve been wondering what the hype is about the new sponsored ads on Instagram. Well, the wait is finally over! Instagram has enabled businesses to have the ability to include ads in their Instagram feed.

Popular American brands such as Stella Artois, American Express, Starbucks and Mercedes Benz were the first batch to have the ability to advertise on the popular platform.

For the first phase of Canadian brands being introduced to applying ads, only a few popular brands were selected:  Hudson’s Bay, Target Canada, Sport Chek, Air Canada, Mercedes Benz Canada and Travel Alberta. These brands were selected based on their current presence on the platform.

SportChek Sponsored Instagram Picture VPDM Digital Marketing St. Catharines

The first Canadian ad to be shared on Instagram was a picture sponsored by Sport Chek, of a father and son playing pond hockey on Lake Louise.

Sport Chek was said to be advertising this picture on Instagram because it creates an emotional connection through the brand and the customers and was not trying to push the customer into a “shopping trigger”.

On the other hand, some businesses may try and post extremely engaging photo’s on certain products they just launched to try and drive traffic to either their online store or even drive them to come to the physical location.

Instagram ads could be used as a “shopping trigger” which ultimately piques interest in products or services that customers may purchase later.


How to Get Sponsored on Instagram

With social media bursting at its seams, it was evident that businesses would be curious as to when ads would be available Instagram. Now that it’s here, businesses are wondering how they can get involved with this popular way to advertise.

The answer is simple: Instagram is in the midst of making advertising available for businesses of all sizes. Instagram advertising will be available in the Instagram ads API as well as Power Editor eventually, but has not happened yet.

Types of Advertising on Instagram: Carousel Ads

The main type of advertising that Instagram has granted for businesses is called the “Carousel ads”.

Carousel Sponsored Instagram Ad VPDM Digital Marketing Greater Toronto Area

What are Instagram Carousel Ads?

Carousel ads is a new way for brands to share more images with people interested in their posts. It allows businesses to post 4 sequential pictures at a time rather than just one.

It also gives businesses the ability to add a link
to a website of their choice!

What makes the carousel ads so effective you may ask? Carousel ads give brands more flexibility in telling their stories by allowing people who view their ads to swipe left to see additional images.

The best part about having the ability to link to a website is that customers are able to open up the link in an external browsing page to learn more about virtually anything to do with the company.

Instagram also has the benefit of Video Advertising.

Knowing that Instagram is a solely picture-based operated platform allows us to understand that it’s all about capturing and sharing the world’s moments. What better way to share and capture important moments than to also be able to share a 15-second custom video ad.

When it comes to advertising a video on Instagram, here are a few tips and tricks Instagram themselves have said to keep to in mind:

  • Sound: All video on Instagram plays automatically without audio. It’s important to craft your videos spots as if they will play silently, and consider sound a plus.
    Motion: As a general rule, consider having motion in the first few frames of your video to capture attention. We’ve found that your audience might overlook video if they don’t notice movement, and assume it’s a still.
  • Pacing: Even though it’s only 15-seconds long, approach the rhythm of your film deliberately. Consider how it will affect the tone, emotion, mood and story. And keep in mind that with our looping feature, your video will automatically replay.
  • Perspective: Consider camera position and its affect on an audience. When a camera is low, it can make the subject feel intimidating. Viewers may feel more in control with an elevated camera position.

Having video advertising allows businesses to create more engagement in a unique way rather than just the typical pictures based ads. It’s a completely different way to advertise and gives brands more freedom as to what they’re trying to accomplish through Instagram advertising.

Wrapping it up

With Instagram bringing advertising for businesses to the table, It has become a huge success. With nothing but a forward slope in reach and engagement, it’s evident that Instagram has made a huge advancement for businesses to advertise through its platform.

Being able to expand the different ways to advertise through Instagram allows businesses to experiment with what benefits their brand best.

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