The Importance of Re-branding Your Company

Rebranding Your Business VPDM Digital Marketing Niagara Falls

Re-branding Your Business

When a company looks at their existing marketing materials (logos, messages, website, brochures, videos, etc.) they may wonder why some, maybe all of these components are in need of a revamp.

In fact, sometimes the existing brand has been successful for years; it seems almost ridiculous to seek out change. So why should you invest time and money into re-branding your company, you ask? Here are some things to consider before you dismiss the opportunity to re-brand your image.

Why it is important to find new creative direction

1)      Re-branding is a part of a company’s life cycle:

Evaluating your brand is a crucial factor in measuring success. Marketing materials, on average, are relevant for 5-10 years. After such time, a review and refocus of the brand should be placed on the agenda.

In a dynamic – technologically driven market, most content, such as videos and marketing messages are likely to be irrelevant to the consumer after a few years.

Re-branding gives the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on current design themes
  • Embrace current marketing strategies
  • To announce the transition into a new phase of the company
  • To communicate to your audience the company’s vision for its future
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Re-branding is a team effort.

2)      Re-branding tells your audience that you are committed:

Customer loyalty is arguably one of the most imperative factors in effecting and sustaining a company’s revenue. Consumers thrive on the feeling of being appreciated and secure.

By continuing to re-brand with new enticing material, it shows both existing and potential consumers that you are in the game and intend to be for years to come. Interested in trying a new marketing strategy? Two words: Email Marketing. In recent years, this tool has proved it’s effectiveness in marketing businesses. Check out this blog to learn how to knock your next Marketing Campaign out of the ball park!

When you are a trusted brand, illuminating “longevity,” you become worthy of a consumers dollars. Treat your B2C or B2B like a relationship, the other person wants to be valued and most importantly know you are committed to them before they make it official!!

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Put your best foot forward.

3)      Re-branding is about looking your best:

At the end of the day, a company’s credibility among audiences depends on the image they put forth for public consumption. Everybody wants to look their best, and to look the best, you must present the best. This means your company should strive to be on the cutting edge of things, in order to eliminate your competitors efforts.

This is why annual based reviews to update your image communicates that your company is growing and your reputation is important. Our consumers want what is relevant and most of the time they want something that doesn’t exist yet.

Ultimately, coming up with new ideas can lead into an entrance for an untapped market; this will draw consumer’s attraction, which can be very lucrative for your business.

Note: Re-branding may also appear before its “scheduled date” in the business life cycle. This often occurs when your image or brand has been lost or unsuccessful. In some cases, your marketing materials may have raised some red flags in the media, resulting in a decline of sales. This unfortunately calls for an SOS re-branding effort to save the triple bottom line (profit).

Kellogg's Special K Rebrands Image VPDM Digital Marketing Niagara Falls
A Special K’s recent ad campaign image.

Kellogg’s Brand/Re-branding Case Study

Kellogg’s, the producers of Special K, they have a problem: their brand is known for dieting. For years, its ads were built around images of fitting into that perfect red dress, which has been featured throughout their highly publicized ad campaigns.

However, we are all aware that not all consumers look like the models in their advertisements, nor do all women desire to. There is undoubtedly a negative stigma attached to the word “dieting” and it has taken Kellogg’s some time to catch up to speed.

The brand is now in the midst of a major shift in marketing strategy due to recent findings. After analyzing a large research effort on the attitudes of Canadian Women, a re position campaign was designed to re-brand its vision.

Surveys showed that the Canadian woman’s approach to health is no longer about starvation or calorie- counting, but obtaining goals and recognizing achievements.

Rebranding your company Rebranding VPDM Digital Marketing Niagara Falls

New advertisements shortly flooded the television screens. Ironically, or rather, strategically, these ads debuted during the recent 2015 Emmy Awards, featuring “real women”(both actors and non-actors) who have not been digitally edited. More importantly, the ad deferred from the catch phrase “You can’t pinch an inch” and drove home the slogan “Own it.”

This new message of self-worth and empowerment has been well perceived as Special K U.S. has taken similar direction, abandoning the diet message in attempt to address declining cereal sales.

Their new slogan “Eat Special. Feel Special” has taken flight in hopes to regain consumer traction. Special K in both the U.S. and Canada will be changing other aspects of the marketing mix, such as packaging and the product itself, to link its new brand image together.

The Wrap

Branding goes beyond your logo, a single message, or post. All of your marketing materials work together to create the ultimate customer experience, which in turn, creates your brand.

You must always remember to create a plan, be consistent throughout the execution of that plan, and most importantly evaluate when it is necessary.

Know when it’s time to re frame your company and know who to contact when you need help. Contact VPDM Digital Marketing when you’re ready to boost your image. 

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