Tips For Social Media Christmas Campaigns

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How To Craft Awesome Social Media Christmas Campaigns

As the holiday season is upon us all, it’s time to get into the Christmas (marketing) spirit! Now is the perfect time to map out your social media Christmas campaigns in order to boost sales and spread your holiday cheer to all customers.

In order to drive the maximum revenue to your business and see your social media Christmas campaigns succeed, you will need to be in the mindset of the consumer during this time period. With a well strategized & executed plan you will be able to increase traffic to your website through various marketing channels.

An excellent way to get your holiday campaign, and in turn your website more traffic, is through professionally optimized websites. To get some essential tips, read this article on Holiday Search Engine Optimization, it will surely impress your boss!

During this time of year shoppers are ready to “shop now,” meaning fast, easy and also more susceptible to hitting the purchase button for a well advertised product. We’ve created a few tips and tricks to present your social media Christmas campaigns with a red shiny bow.  

Social Media Christmas Campaign. VPDM Digital Marketing. Toronto, GTA, Niagara.

Christmas Marketing Tips

Here are our tips you should check before your creating social media Christmas campaigns:

1. Analyze Previous Holiday Data

Yes, this seems to be the most obvious tip in forecasting a successful marketing campaign, however, it is the preliminary and crucial step in ensuring your next holiday strategy is lucrative. If you optimize based on previous data, this year’s results can be boosted.

Hint: Take a look at where the majority traffic came from that lead to conversions, or where did consumers drop off. You can formulate ideas and strategies based off what you executed well, as well as what you executed poorly.

Marketing Tips For Christmas. VPDM Digital Marketing Toronto

2. Create Holiday Specific Content

This can include creating relevant holiday ads, copy, and social images, as well as holiday landing pages. If you create landing pages, it allows you to measure the highest converting and begin to share it more often at peak times to see an higher increase in traffic, engagement and conversions.

Schedule Your Social Media Christmas Campaign

We recommend you plan in advance how your content will roll out. Creating a Christmas content calendar with your blog post ideas, along with any other holiday specific content would be ideal.

Take it one step further and schedule your posts in advance. Using social media management tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer allows you to schedule all your holiday content, leaving time for you to engage in your own social media Christmas campaigns as it’s happening.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly: Period.

Social Media Marketing Tips. VPDM Digital Marketing.

… And now that you have a desktop AND mobile friendly website you can..

Offer promotions, complementary items, and holiday greetings: During the festive season, your business will attract more consumers if you’re offering discounted items or holiday incentives.

Your social media Christmas campaigns are the ideal vessels to capitalize on the “giving nature” time of year. You can also leverage the holidays as an opportunity to create customer loyalty by showing them you value their business with Christmas promotions and customer appreciation greetings.

The Christmas Wrap

There are many creative, festive ways to promote your campaign and boost your sales during the holidays. At VPDM, we specialize in SEO, along with creating relevant, creative content that will target the right audience at the right time! When you’re ready to build your holiday strategy, contact us.

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