Twitter Changes Favourites To Likes

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Most Twitter users have already noticed. Because it’s big news when Twitter changes favourites to likes and stars to hearts in their feeds. If you did miss it basically where you now see a heart to like a tweet, you used see a star to favourite.

This big question for us now is how this affects digital marketers and social media engagement. If you are looking to increase your social engagement you should read this article with excellent, yet  simple, SEO tips for beginners.

Twitter Replaces Stars with Hearts

One thing to note is the functionality of the button has not changed. It works exactly the same way and has remained in the same location, the only difference being cosmetic. A name change and icon change.

From Twitter’s post announcing the “Hearts on Twitter” the “star could be confusing, especially to newcomers.” I certainly agree with this, I’ve heard from many new users that they are hesitant to favourite a tweet.

Many seem to have this notion that favourite is a “big deal” and are limited to a certain number of favourites.

When speaking to long term users they will you will often hear about how they used to be that way and now hand favourites out like candy on Halloween! 

Favourites Not So Likeable

Twitter Update Replaces Stars with Hearts VPDM Digital MarketingTwitter also says that the heart “is a universal symbol” that resonates across languages, cultures, and time zones.

The heart is more expressive, enabling you to convey a range of emotions and easily connect with people.” Adding that in tests people loved the heart.

This makes sense, and though they don’t mention it Facebook’s use of “likes” will help make the explanation of a Twitter like easier. Making the platform possibly more appealing for new users.

Could this relatively small change mean big change for your engagement? Buffer blog author Kevan Lee leads us to believe this is possible.

It’s perhaps a bit of semantics, but it seems that before there was only the one option to “favorite” something, which had a rather specific type of feel to the action. “Liking” a tweet seems to open a huge variety of possibilities for the emotion behind the like.”

When you box people in with a term like favourite you will limit how they think they can use it. A term such as like gives people more ideas of how they can use the button.

This video Twitter created to explain the new heart leads us to believe they want the like to mean everything from high five to congrats!

So how do you feel about the new hearts? Do you think likes will win over favourites in terms of engagement?

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