New Meerkat Embedded Video Player Just Changed Your Video Marketing Strategies

Video marketing strategies with Meerkat and Periscope

The simplicity of live streaming has changed the way people everywhere are broadcasting and consuming video for good.  It’s also changed the video marketing strategies we use with our client’s. Now Meerkat has just unveiled the next stage in the evolution of the live stream video with its new embeddable player. Let’s take a quick look at a few video marketing tips you can use in your video marketing strategy. 

meerkat vs periscope

Why Your Business Needs Live Video Marketing Strategies 

With 156,000 users Meerkat represents a large portion of live streamers sharing everything from walks in their city to tours of historical buildings. And until now, to view one of the 91,776 broadcasts, you needed to have an account and be logged in on the app on your phone or tablet, but that has all changed.

Meerkat’s new embeddable player allows users to have their live stream broadcasts directly on their website. Enabling users to keep viewers on their page and attract viewers who are not signed up for the Meerkat application.

Think about it for a second, this makes sense. Broadening the scope and ease of live steam video will help prove its value to the masses and show businesses the potential of the technology.

Video Streaming for Business

live streaming video marketing strategies for business
Video Marketing Strategies for Business

With brands embracing Meerkat, and its direct competitor Periscope, users are not just watching live streams of their friends hanging out.

Companies are broadcasting public events to share the experience with fans all over the world. Businesses are live streaming board meetings and public forums, the possibilities are truly limitless.

And with its ease of use, production expenses can remain minimal, no high costs associated with this video broadcasting medium.

It’s an entirely new form of social media business can get behind and utilize with great results, even better results now with the embeddable player.

meerkat vs periscopeMeerkat Vs. Periscope

Before this update many were uncertain about Meerkat’s future. After Twitter bumped Meerkat off their system and created Periscope, it became more difficult for Meerkat to grow.

Periscope, owned by Twitter, connects directly and no separate account or login is necessary. But with this update Meerkat has a strong advantage over Periscope.

Being able to reach users both with their application and with an embeddable website player increases the total possible viewers and the success of each video stream.


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The Future of Streaming Video

the future of streaming video
The Future of Streaming Video

From here the next big predicted advance is permanent storage of the live streams.

Being able to live stream and save the broadcast for replay and sharing across all social media platforms will help the longevity of each video. However, this could take some time and more importantly, we don’t know which platform will develop the technology first.

To learn more about the continued growth of live streaming check out Andrew Hutchinson’s blog on Social Media Today.

Using live streaming broadcasts is an exciting new trend with endless possibilities. Knowing how to effectively use live streaming video to market your business is what we do for our clients every week.

Contact us today to start your live streaming marketing strategy.

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