What Are Facebook Dark Posts and Why Should You Use Them

what are facebook dark posts?

A Facebook Dark Posts Tutorial For Everyone

What are Facebook Dark Posts? I’ve just recently read about this new Facebook advertising tactic. First off, I love the name, it caught my attention right away. “Facebook Dark Posts”. It sounds so menacing and well, creepy. But it’s anything but!

Essentially, Dark Posts are is a social media advertising tactic, used by Facebook, to benefit marketers in the most un-sinister fashion. Dark Posts allow digital marketers and Facebook advertisers to create regular Facebook newsfeed style ads that won’t be published on your company Page’s newsfeed.

Ok so, why would i want to use Dark Posts?

Here’s where it gets good, the lightbulb moment for me anyway. I read this article by John Jantsch (@ducttape) on Inc.com and he sums it up perfectly in his post:

“Facebook has allowed advertisers to create news-stream ads with the option of not publishing them to the newsfeed for some time, but it’s still a fairly untapped play for the moment.

By employing this tactic the advertiser mentioned could run all four product ads as sponsored posts, target different audiences, split test headlines, and even create personalized messages for demographic and geographic targets–literally running dozens of ads all on the same day–without a single ad showing in their own news stream.

Are you starting to sense the power of the dark post?”

How To Use Dark Posts on Facebook

While Dark Posts are a valuable marketing option for Facebook advertisers, they come with sort of a caveat. You need to build Dark Posts using the Facebook Power Editor, and using this powerful social advertising tool is not for the faint hearted.

The good news is that there are plenty of super useful resources out there that can show you the basics of using Facebook’s Power Editor and it’s amazing features to create Dark Posts and other types of Facebook ads.

If you’re not familiar with Power Editor, do yourself a favour and read this post on KISSmetrics. Also make sure you check out Jon Loomer’s advice here.

Pay Attention to Headlines, CTAs and…

So once you’re comfortable using Power Editor start creating an engaging post (i.e. Ad) by completing all the necessary fields. Don’t attempt to do this without some creative thought and a clear outline of your goals for this Dark Post campaign.

Consider using a seasoned digital advertising copy writer, or social media marketer as well as a talented graphic designer to help you craft the most effective Ad to get your message in front of your target audience.

Remember that you are creating an Ad and that you want your prospects to take a specific action. Pay attention to the headline you use in your Ad copy.

Optimize the actual marketing copy for users, include key search phrases or customer pain points and how your product/service can better solve their issue or answer their question. Include an engaging image and a clear call to action (CTA).

The Power Editor allows you to create multiple Ad posts and upload them all. You then can go into your Ad Manager and crate the ad audiences and choose the budget for each specific post you created.

Why You Should Use Facebook Dark Posts

Check out what Gary Vee has to say…


The Wrap

If you haven’t used Facebook’s Power Editor or Dark Posts, you should really get up to speed and give it a shot. Your business or your client’s business has the opportunity to reach more qualified prospects this way, and increase your overall engagement on Facebook and qualified visits to your website or landing page.

If you’d like some help, advice, or digital marketing consultation on Facebook Advertising and increasing your social media engagement and ROI, we can help you reach your goals.

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