Why You Should be Using Facebook For Business

Target The Right Audience. Facebook Lead Ads.

Most of us think of social media sites, such as Facebook as a way to connect with friends and family. What if you were told you could connect with a different type of audience when using Facebook for business?

As most users can attest, social media sites have become a primary platform for advertising.

For retailers and business owners this should not be news to you as your target market has been reachable for quite some time. However, Facebook recently introduced a new form of advertising that gets your message targeted to the right audience, at the right time, making advertising on social media sites more attractive than ever.

Forget about tags and likes, we’d like to introduce Facebook for business, using “Lead Ads” as new way to communicate.

Lead Ads Make it Easier to Use Facebook For Business

Using Facebook for business purposes allows your company to target a certain audience. Lead ads make this process seamless for marketers to ask for information such as emails, names, job titles and more.

The best part is, they never have to leave Facebook, and when in a convenience and time sensitive generation, the process must always be user friendly.

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With Lead ads, potential customers see your ad on Facebook, they can click and sign up for the product/service you are offering, or request more information from your business.

This LEADS to the potential customer giving out accurate contact information to follow up with them. Watch how Facebook Lead ads do it here. 

What is even better about Facebook lead ads is when a user clicks on your advertisement, the form they land on will already be populated with the information they have willingly shared with Facebook on their account– like their name, number or email.

This makes Facebook for business an ideal user experience, and an even better tool to implement into your social media advertising strategy. To read more about how to use Facebook for Business check out these blogs on Facebook’s other recent updates made to enhance the user experience.

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Target the Right Audience with Facebook Lead Ads

Although Facebook has allowed for interactive ads for quite some time, we highly recommended using Facebook lead ads in their marketing strategy and here is why.

Facebook Lead Ads pull data already collected:

As previously noted, but cannot be stressed enough, is the opportunity to collect readily available information on potential customers. There is a reason why they are seeing your advertisement(because you’ve targeted them) and if they are clicking on your ad that means:

Facebook Advertising Strategy. VPDM Digital Marketing.

a) They may be a qualified buyer

b) You are one step closer to a future customer. If they didn’t purchase the product or service right then and there, you will now have the contact information to remind them of why they clicked in the first place!

Facebook Lead Ads help you capture leads without needing to build landing pages or forms:

This aspect might be the most appealing to business owners and the most convenient for users.

Without Facebook Lead ads, if you wanted to run a lead generation campaign using Facebook advertising, you would have to create content, create a form to capture leads, create a landing page, and then begin creating ads to attract potential customers to your landing page.

Sound like a lot of work? Well, it is! By using Facebook Lead ads, you eliminate the unnecessary work and have the ability to focus on what’s important, which is creating engaging, click -worthy advertisements.

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Facebook Lead Ads don’t pull users off the social media sites:

This is a win-win situation for everyone. Since your audience doesn’t need to visit a landing page, it brings them to your offer quicker and the user feels less interrupted as they remain on Facebook.

With Facebook Lead ads, your audience can see your ad, sign up to get you content, and then smoothly transition right back to their News Feed. Not having to wait for a new page to load is seriously a big deal, especially for mobile users.

How to Enhance Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

People are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before, which makes Facebook Leads ads the easiest way to connect businesses and users, wherever, whenever.

Facebook has transformed their business into a mobile business to attract users(including the use of Facebook for business), which is why you too should consider how to capitalize on a trend, or rather revolution, to attract your users(target market).

The first step is creating a Facebook advertising strategy, we promise using Facebook for business purposes will be lucrative for your business.

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When considering Facebook advertising, you must look at the people most likely to be interest in your business, and what device they connect through social media sites with. Once you’ve compiled this part of your advertising strategy, you can submit a form on Facebook so you can efficiently reach high quality leads and grow your inbound inquiries.

The Wrap

Facebook should no longer be seen as just a way to say hello to your cousin that lives halfway across the country.

For retailers, business owners and marketers, Facebook Lead Ads are an easy way to transition into using Facebook for business. To learn more about why Facebook advertising is beneficial to business owners, especially smaller operations, read here.

At VPDM Digital Marketing, we specialize in optimizing content for the right audience and share it at the right time.

If you’re ready to use Facebook for business, contact us to get started on your Facebook advertising strategy today!

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