Why You Should Start A Podcast In Content Marketing

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Ready To Start Your Podcast?

Content marketing is dynamic and ever-growing and has the potential to grow with the latest technology trends.

Whats at the forefront of the tech world currently? Podcasting.

It is reported that in 2017 alone, over 112 million Americans listened to a podcast. That statistic makes up for 40% of the population aged 12 years old and up.

Of that, 67 million people listen to a podcast on a monthly basis.

And of that 85% of listeners listen to the full (or almost all) content. This factor is substantial because blog articles are almost never read from top to bottom.

There lies potential success within including podcasts in your content marketing

Before we dive into reasons why you should be looking at podcasting as a potential stream for let us explain what exactly a podcast is.

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What Is A Podcast?

A podcast as defined by Wikipedia is “radio-on-demand.” It’s a digital audio file that is pre-recorded and available for downloading on the internet. A podcast usually is formed as a series of audio files that listeners can subscribe to listen to on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Podcasts are either run by a single person or can include voices by multiple people, interview subjects, etc.

A podcast could also be an audio alternative in a business perspective by using the same functionality as a email newsletter. Instead of generating email leads to receive written copy highlighting the latest news and offers, why not present this in the form of a downloadable mp4?

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How to Start a Podcast

Benefits Of Podcasting In Content Marketing

Now that you’re familiar about the world of podcasting, let us divulge deeper into the reasons why it would be beneficial in your marketing model.

1.Cost-Effective and Quick

Podcasts are relatively cost free. All that is required is is a decent microphone and a program from editing your audio, which you can find relatively inexpensive on the market. This is far less expensive than the hefty fees attached to camera equipment and video editing software. Plus, it’s far easier to learn then knowing the ins and outs of creating video.

Creating a podcast also takes far less time then writing a blog, while still achieving the same long form content. The statistics show that podcasts get far more user interaction then written content.

Podcasts are the quickest and cheapest form of content marketing to create

2. User Accessibility

Audio content is more accessible to users compared to text and video. Podcasting is able to stream to users while they are multitasking. For example, podcasting can be streamed while the listener is working out. The increased use of Bluetooth in cars allows podcasts to be accessible to users while driving.

The user doesn’t have to take time out of their life to listen to your content, it’s adaptable to their schedule.

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3. Increases Traffic and Reach

Think about the new market that iTunes could bring as a marketer. iTunes is ultimately a search engine that billions of people use on the daily. People that come to iTunes know exactly what they want.

iTunes also allows you to refine the audience for your search ads with optional features, including customer types, demographics, and locations. It’s exciting to think about all the new potential this will offer, and how it can bring a source of revenue.

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4. Easy To Promote

The inclusion of businesses and special guests come onto your podcast is essentially free advertising. It’s a win, win situation. Plus your guests can share the podcast on their social networks, which grants you access to their markets.

Podcasting is also a longer form commercial. One that dives deeper into the product values on a personal level.

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5. Builds Trust

Audio is more personal than text, making hearing a person’s voice establishes a personal level of credibility. It creates authenticity in what you’re promoting. Podcasts have the ability to connect to your market on a deeper level, making them feel like they know you personally. The audience can feel the enthusiasm in your voice when you’re passionate about a product.

Podcasts keep people connected to your brand, leaving them interested and wanting to come back for more information.

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The Wrap

Podcasting is potentially a valuable asset to your social media strategy. Audio is inexpensive, user accessible, increases reach, is easy to promote and builds trust amongst your audience.

Podcasting gives you the ability to stand out against your competition.

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