YouTube To Launch Music Streaming Services

music streaming services - YouTube is next!YouTube Music Streaming Services

Music streaming is freaking awesome. If you’re a fan of music and you haven’t experimented with any major music streaming services you’re really missing out on a an amazing music consumption and discovery experience.

I’ve been enjoying and testing streaming music since the days of which, back in the day, was pretty cool technology. Over the last couple of years I’ve been enjoying Songza, Rdio, and TuneIn Radio. I use at least one of these each day.

Of course there are many other notable music streaming services out there. I admit I’ve tried Spotify via a hack because it’s not available in Canada.

Same goes for iTunes Radio, which is also not available in Canada but Canadian who have a US iTunes account can actually try iTunes Radio while in Canada. Gotta love the internet.

Let’s not forget Beats Music who, if you recall, purchased MOG, another one of the original music steaming services, in July 2012 for $14 Million.

Beats Music has some heavy hitters from the music industry involved with the music programming and launch of Beats music streaming services.

Check out this list: Beats’ co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor, and the CEO is Topspin founder and another music industry vet Ian Rogers. If you don’t know these names, follow the links for info. I’m SO excited to play with this product when it launches.

Spotify and Beats Music Killer?

It looks like Google’s YouTube wants in on the music streaming services party. YouTube is wrapping up their music streaming product and it looks like it’ll be ready to launch this year. There’s not much left of this year so it’s certainly coming soon.

YouTube’s music streaming services could be seen as a potential threat to both the existing and successful Spotify as well as the still to be launched Beats Music.

Even worse for the former and latter but great for YouTube and users is the fact that in addition to streaming music, guess what else the YouTube product will stream? Well video of course! It’s YouTube!

We should all know from articles like this that mobile is a the centre of Google’s (hence YouTube’s) plans for the future.

YouTube plans on including a free tier to it’s new music streaming services that includes unlimited on demand track and album streams, sources told Billboard. There’s obviously a paid option, which will remove ads and as a bonus, add cached music for offline listening. Cool huh?

Beats Music Get Scooped

There is a possibility that YouTube’s music streaming may launch before Beats Music. Apparently Beats is still completing its music licensing deals and building the still building the interface where as YouTube has all that in place already.

YouTube Doesn’t Care If Users Pay

While the competition feels much, much different, Google and YouTube aren’t as concerned with converting users to paid subscribers. They already essentially control the 12-25 year old demographic as the source for music online and Google/YouTube makes more than decent revenue from the advertising sold on all their content.

Music Streaming is the Future

I’m down with subscription based music streaming – everywhere. In my browser, on my tablet, on my smartphone in my car. If it’s free it’s even better!

Music consumption and music discovery today is a thousand worlds apart from how it was when I was young. I wish that this type of service was available 5-10 years ago. I may still be working the music business doing digital for artists and labels.

What are your thoughts on music streaming services and YouTube’s entry to this market?


2 thoughts on “YouTube To Launch Music Streaming Services

  1. I’m not as excited about Beats as I am for Youtube’s service, which I think a lot of people will be. I just hope that they’re smart enough to do pop up ads for the ad supported rather than stopping the videos…this is why I use torch music now rather than youtube on my phone… Can’t wait to try it out though!!

    1. i think youtube has the edge because it’s pretty much the default “go to” for music streaming for many people. so now with hopefully quality recordings at decent bit rate, streaming on youtube will not only be easy but will sound much much better.

      i think you may be right about the pop ads too…make sense.

      thanks for commenting!

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